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The 2015 LG CNS Blog Awards

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How are you spending the last few remaining days of 2015? The LG CNS blog decided to finish off the year by looking back and seeing which postings attracted the most attention. Let’s begin ‘The 2015 LG CNS Blog Awards’ with the 10 most viewed postings of the year.

10 Postings with the Most Views in 2015

LG CNS posted a total of 157 articles (including this one). Which one was your favorite? The list of 10 postings that earned the highest number of clicks showed that our readers are interested in topics related to IoT, energy, fintech, O2O, and mobile technology. Have a look at the following articles if you would like to catch up with the latest trends from this year.

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One More Interesting Fact Countries with the Most Blog Visitors

Where do these readers reside, then?

Have a look at the map below. The regions painted in dark pink are where the most visits to our blog were made.


The countries where the more visitors reside are colored in darker pink on the map above. As you can see from the map, the largest number of visits came from the U.S.A. followed by Korea and India. We hope to see more visits from various parts of the world in the future.

By looking back on the year, we can learn a lot about what interests our readers. We would like to thank for the support you showed to the LG CNS blog in 2015.

We will continue to do our best to post interesting IT news and information for you next year!

If you have any ideas about what to discuss on the blog, don’t hesitate to contact us 😉

Written by LG CNS New Media Team

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