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LG CNS Takes a Step to Intensify IoT Security

LG CNS took a step to intensify IoT security soon after becoming the first IT company to obtain the international IoT standard certification.

LG CNS recently signed an MOU with security solution provider ICTK for its IoT physical unclonable function (henceforth PUF) project at LG CNS headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul. This agreement is the first step for the project aiming to apply a PUF chip[1] on IoT security management servers and device security modules.

PUF is a standardized security technology being recognized in many advanced countries in both Europe and the U.S., which complements security vulnerability by encrypting important data like keys instead of saving it in memory.


LG CNS and ICTK signed the MOU for the IoT PUF project in order to intensify IoT security functions [ICTK Representative Dong-Hyeon Kim (left) and LG CNS IoT Department director In-Haeng Cho (right)]

LG CNS IoT Department director In-Haeng Cho stated, “Concerns for IoT security are growing along with the IoT market itself. As PUF chip technology is a strong hardware based security technology, I believe it will lead the IoT market in creating a synergy effect with the LG CNS IoT platform”.

Before initiating the actual development process, LG CNS is planning to design specific methods to apply PUF to IoT platforms through technological review and to finish developing a security certification solution within the year.

LG CNS also developed an IoT security solution in 2015 and provided device verification and firmware protection services based on its accumulated technologies from its smart card projects of the last decade such as electronic passports and USIM projects.

IoT technologies will advance along with LG CNS.

Written by LG CNS PR Team

[1] PUF technology is a security solution which encrypts important data using hardware by generating a physical key within IC. It is considered to have fundamentally solved the limits of the existing method which stores important data in memory.[back to the article]

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