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LG CNS’ Indigenous Logistics System Enters an Overseas Market -Automated the Integrated Parcel Centre of PosLaju, Malaysia`s Largest Courier Company-

LG CNS successfully completed the automation of Integrated Parcel Centre (IPC) of PosLaju, Malaysia`s largest courier company. LG CNS developed automated logistics handling system to PosLagu’s logistics center which used to classify parcels 100 percent manually.


Central view of the Integrated Parcel Centre. Sizable parcels are being sorted by a large sorter.

E-commerce in Malaysia has grown over 30% every year and as a result, the parcel volume has increased more than threefold since 2010, reaching its capacity limits. To overcome this situation, LG CNS began to develop a system, enabling automatic mail and package sorting and processing at a logistics center in Malaysia. LG CNS applied VivaSorter, a Crossbelt Sorter (CB Sorter) which was successfully localized for the first time in Korea. VivaSorter maximizes freight-processing efficiency of a logistics processing through high-speed, automatic categorization of freight. The center has been operated in a testing mode since February 2015, reaching its target volume of 2017 in three months.

LG CNS provide an optimized solution which first design S/W based on clients’ needs and then develop a customized logistics facility. Existing European sorters however, are machine-oriented, and thus their specifications are rigidly fixed, making it difficult to adapt to various working environments and to maintain the facility.

Reflecting Malaysian parcel service environment, LG CNS applied its specialized technologies including: automatic sorting for 1 mm-high envelopes; sorting pre-paid parcel envelopes by automatic zip code identification. Furthermore, LG CNS optimized the efficiency and productivity of the operation by designing the layout in the manner that reduces parcel movement routes and evenly distributes the load of parcels to workers. Because of this automated logistics center, PosLaju is able to reduce its workforce at the logistics centers in the capital area by more than half.


Workers are putting parcels on trays so that the sorter can automatically recognize barcodes. At the cross section, the sorter automatically adjusts speed which parcels can be lined up in an orderly manner.

The successful completion of PosLaju logistics center testifies to LG CNS’ technology comparable to that of European companies which have been dominant global players. With this experience, LG CNS plans to target a high-end sorter market, especially for the ones in Southeast Asian and China.

The vice president of LG CNS, Tae Keuk Kim, said, by providing total logistics IT services and solutions, LG CNS will strengthen market competition and increase exports of Korean Logistics IT services and solutions.

Meanwhile, LG CNS’ indigenous sorter, CB Sorter[1], is a result of the cooperation between large and small companies for a shared growth. LG CNS invested, designed and developed Software while Korea C&S was responsible for hardware production. This cooperation along with LG CNS’ experiences of developing Logistics IT systems for Korea Post, CJ Korea Express, and Daiso Asung made it possible for LG CNS to create and export the globally-competitive sorter solution.

Written by LG CNS New Media Team

[1] CB(Cross Belt) Sorter: this automatically sorts freights at high speed, maximizing the freight processing efficiency at logistics centers. It is a “killer solution” which is a core part of next-generation logistics system. [back to the article]

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