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LG CNS, Exporting Its Own Transportation Solution to Malaysia

– Winning a contract of MRT feeder bus system project in Malaysia –

LG CNS, Korea’s leading smart transportation service provider and IT company, scored another export victory overseas.

The company announced on Thursday (Feb. 4) its new project in Malaysia, the MRT feeder bus system project which is related to MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), Malaysia’s largest transportation project in the country’s history.

This project aims to establish the feeder bus system throughout the 31 MRT stations all over Kuala Lumpur and streamline the city’s transportation flow with the use of the smart card, automated payment units, center solution, etc. (* <Reference> Malaysia’s MRT construction project)

The feeder bus complements the urban rapid buses covering longer distances and offers mobility within smaller areas. The entire project is valued at 12 billion KRW and is expected to be completed in July 2017.

LG CNS has been a part of Malaysia’s transportation projects since it was selected as the operator of the KRW 140 billion communication system of Malaysia’s MRT Line 1 in 2012. The Malaysian government plans to spend a total of 30 trillion KRW on this year’s MRT Line 2 project as well as Line 3 in the future.

The deal was made because of LG CNS own transportation solution which enabled LG CNS outshone those of major transportation IT competitors in Spain, Japan, and Germany.

For the project, LG CNS will implement its FMS (Fleet Management System) solution, which streamlines bus operation by transmitting in real time the bus location and driving speed information to the central control center via the wireless communication network using the GPS receivers, payment units, and communication modems installed in the buses so that the information collected is processed.

Also, the AFC (Auto Fare Collection) solution, a comprehensive fare-charging system for bus, subway, and MRT will be applied.

According to LG CNS Vice President Lee Eung-jun, LG CNS has been successfully serving Malaysia with its participation in Kuala Lumpur’s BTS (Bus Ticketing System) in 2011, PSD (Platform Screen Door) system, and MRT communication system. “After we succeed in the current MRT feeder bus system project, we will be expanding our business in Latin America, Europe, and Middle East,” he added.

The company provides total services in all areas of public transit, including MRT, railways, airports, and electric vehicles, based on its technical excellence in smart transportation.

Additionally, already recognized for its successes in large-scale projects including Seoul’s transportation card system, high-speed railway integration system, and electric vehicle infrastructure construction and operation, the company is winning acclaim for its technical excellence in Bogota and Pasto in Colombia, Athens in Greece, Wellington in New Zealand, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Malaysia's MRT construction project 2

Written by LG CNS PR Team

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