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LG CNS Develops Android SDK for Humanoid ‘Pepper’

LG CNS completed and conveyed the software development kit (SDK)[1] for an application required to operate Pepper, a humanoid developed by Softbank Robotics from Japan.


Pepper SDK for Android Studio (hence forth SDK for Pepper) introduced at the last Google developer conference (Google I/O)[2] can be operated with Google Android Studio[3], which is quite familiar to Android developers.


Pepper from Softbank with a tablet for robots provided by LG CNS

LG CNS SDK for Pepper took Android’s wide distribution into account when developing Pepper. This means android developers around the globe will be able to create apps, and other developers will gather to make them as well.

SDK currently supports Windows and Linux, and developers can download the beta version of Windows and Linux on the Softbank Robotics developers’ website (https://developer.softbankrobotics.com).


LG CNS has concentrated all of their original embedded software[4] technologies since the early 2000s, considering that android developers around the globe will be using this app development environment.

LG CNS proved their capability as a robot software developer when co-developing the key functions on apps for Pepper such as the Android Studio plug-in, Tablet Android Virtual Device for robots, and Animation Timeline for robot movement designed in cooperation with Softbank robotics.

LG CNS also designed, produced and provided the display screen to be installed on Pepper’s chest. Their IoT robots which can recognize the space around them for auto-drive and environmental monitoring drew great attention at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, the world’s largest IT and electronics show.

LG CNS has set a strategically collaborative relationship with Softbank Robotics while generating new ideas and propelling new projects. The SDK for Pepper will be a great opportunity for the IT industry looking for new projects and finding ways to create new services for robots.

Written by LG CNS PR Team

[1] A set of development tools through which software developers can make application programs such as software frameworks, platform systems, and operating systems. [back to the article]
[2] Google I/O is an annual conference for developers held in San Francisco, which began in 2008. ”I” and “O” stand for “input/output” and “Innovation in the Open” at the same time. [back to the article]
[3] An integrated development environment for Android, which provides the environment in which all related tasks for program development such as coding, debugging, compiling and distribution, can be taken care of. [back to the article]
[4] Embedded software stands for embedded programs that are included as a part of digital devices for basic operation. They are embedded in conventional products or services to create new business opportunities. Various and complicated functions can be simply controlled with embedded software. [back to the article]

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