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LG CNS Acquires International Standard IoT Certification

LG CNS recently became the first IT service company to acquire “oneM2M[1]”, an international IoT standard certification.

‘oneM2M’ is an international IoT standard in which 230 corporations in the communication, manufacturing, and solution fields are participating. Through this certification, LG CNS opened the door to both the Korean market and the international IoT product and service market.


LG CNS has developed a oneM2M based IoT platform with LG U+, and applied it to a watch for children called ‘Juniver Talkie[2]‘.

With the oneM2M certification, LG CNS also obtained an IoT message transmission standard called CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) compatibility certification. CoAP is a protocol for effective IoT communication using low power, considering the fact that users always keep their IoT devices turned on.

The department director for LG CNS IoT In-Haeng Cho stated, “Our IoT platform with the international certification will not only increase compatibility among IoT products, but also bring the commercialization of low-power devices forward and contribute to vitalizing the IoT market ecosystem”.

In addition, LG CNS was the first Korean Company to develop an integrated home IoT solution for television set-top boxes in March of last year, and to apply this solution to businesses by implementing a smart home service connecting IoT devices with various standards simply through the set-top box.

LG CNS will create a more convenient world with IoT. 

Written by LG CNS PR Team

[1] oneM2M: An IoT standard established in 2012 by seven national institutes for standardization including the U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Korea. 235 communication, manufacturing, and network venders are participating as member corporations. [back to the article]
[2] Juniver Talkie: A wearable device in the form of watch based on the oneM2M platform developed by LG U+ and LG CNS. Its major functions are locating children and voice talk. [back to the article]

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