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Entrue World 2014 from a University Student Journalist’s Point of View

Opening of Entrue World 2014

Entrue World 2014, Korea’s biggest IT conference, opened at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul on April 17. Entrue World 2014 kicked off with keynote addresses from LG CNS president, Dae-Hoon Kim, and MIT Media Lab director, Joi Ito. This year’s event proposed strategies for business applications of rapidly changing IT technology. Various programs were prepared to give help us better understand current IT trends and LG CNS technology. LG CNS student journalists Jae-Ho Seong and Areum Heo attended Entrue World 2014 to experience the event first-hand.

Let’s join these student journalists to see what they found!


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Keynote Addresses by LG CNS President, Dae-Hoon Kim, and MIT Media Lab Director, Joi Ito

Hi, this is LG CNS student journalist Jae-Ho Seong. LG CNS president, Dae-Hoon Kim, and media fusion technology researchers dream lab, MIT Media Lab director, Joi Ito, gave lectures at Entrue World 2014. First, let me share with you how a university student would perceive these talks.

1. LG CNS Dae-Hoon Kim : Smart Technology 2.0: Bring Smart World on Your Hands


Dae-Hoon Kim gave a keynote address themed ‘Smartphone Technology 2.0: Bring Smart World on Your Hands.’ Mr. Kim explained how Smart Technology is moving from smartphones to various smart devices and how he expects the fusion of technology and industry to add value to the market. He also introduced diverse LG CNS solutions reflect these IT trends. LG CNS is a leader in IT solutions and I am proud to be part of the LG CNS Student Journalist Corps.

Mr. Kim next discussed how Smart Technology 2.0 will change the future with the fusion of the automotive, medical, distribution, smart home, transportation, security and manufacturing industries. Smart Technology 2.0 allows access to information on various applications from global companies that cannot be learned through textbooks. To better utilize this diverse information it is necessary to understand social trends beyond what we learn through textbooks.

Mr. Kim made the prediction that as technological elements continue to develop, the IT environment will continue to advance and evolve towards people. Design trends are moving from human centered design to co-design, meaning that future IT technology will not be developed for people to use but be designed for people to interact with. From Mr. Kim keynote address, I was able to learn about new technology, the future and various social trends.

2. MIT Media Lab Director, Joi Ito: Innovation and the Great Disruption


This year, MIT Media Lab director, Joi Ito, was invited to give a keynote address themed ‘Innovation and the Great Disruption’ at Entrue World 2014. Joi Ito explained how the Internet has influenced the world and the impact it will have on business and society at large. There were 2 point made by Joi Ito in his address that truly impressed me:

1) Joi ito_ MIT MEDIA LAB? Anti-disciplinary!

I have been interested in MIT Media Lab itself for some time now. What impresses me about MIT Media Lab was that they made technology that seems you would only see in the movies a reality while doing research in amalgamative industries. Mr. Ito explained that MIT Media Lab strives to do anti-disciplinary research as opposed to interdisciplinary research. MIT Media Lab is currently running 450 separate research projects. Joi Ito emphasized that ‘theory can be found on the Internet,’ adding that ‘innovation comes from sharing research results without defined fields and without defined theories.’

When I was in high school, I had to choose between natural science and liberal arts. In university I also had to choose a major and worried ‘which course will be the best for me?’ I was concerned about ever deviated from my predetermined path. However, after listening to Mr. Ito, it occurred to me that it is valuable to look beyond a defined scholastic field.

2) Joi ito_The Principles

In the past, you had to look in the dictionary to gain knowledge. But now we have become a society where all information is shared and available on the Internet. However, as the world continues to change and become more complicated, the way people view society has not changed. Accordingly, as the world is changes and becomes more complicated, Joi Ito suggests that there are 9 principle of innovative thinking required to be competitive.



The most interesting of the 9 principles was a principle called ‘Compasses over Maps.’ This means that we need to use a compass instead of a map to find our direction. Mr. Ito used YouTube as an example to explain this point. YouYube was initially developed as a social meeting site using videos. After 2 years without success in the initial format, YouTube changed into a video-sharing site. The founders did not adhere to a concrete plan (map) but changed directions and became successful with a site where anyone can easily share videos.

From hearing this example, I thought back about my time at university. During those years I was involved in many team projects with a strictly defined planned. I was completely thrown of course whenever there was a change in the working environment. Is this not because I was only looking at the map and not using the compass? In the future, it would be valuable to understand my direction as opposed to adhering to a map so that even though there is a change in direction, it is possible to adapt and produce great results.

After hearing these 2 keynote speeches, I grasped a better understanding of this useful information concerning IT trends and feel I understand the mind set required in this fast changing IT era. I am already looking forward to attending Entrue World 2015.

● Summary of Keynote Address by LG CNS President, Dae-Hoon Kim:

● Summary of Keynote Address by MIT Media Lab Director, Joi Ito:

Various Tracks and Programs

Hi! I’m LG CNS student journalist Areum Heo.

For those of you who unfortunately missed Entrue World 2014 in February, I will give an overview of the various tracks presented at the conference.

Entrue World 2014 was themed ‘Smart Technology 2.0: Bring Smart World on Your Hands’ and was divided into 3 main tracks: 1) Industry Insight 2) Big & Hot Issues 3) Solution & Service.


Smart Energy Governance Promotional Strategy – Geun-Hyoung Lee, Consultant

Let’s first take a look at Industry Insight and the diverse industries where Smart Technology has been implemented. At the center of the discussion is the ways IT technology will be used in fields such as city transportation, the manufacturing industry and financial institutions. Convergence is currently at the forefront of these developments. I was surprised to hear how diverse industries are fusing together or becoming new industries and adding value to the industries through IT technology.

In the next track Big & Hot Issues, the technology and issues that are currently garnering the most attention were discussed. The most significant of these issues was the Internet of Things (IoT).

● What is the Internet of Things?:

Two sessions were held back-to-back discussing why the IoT has become such a hot issue and what impact it will have in the future. Yonsei University professor, Bong-Gyu Lee, held the first session entitled ‘Planning Implementation of Networks for Successful IoT Business.’ Seoul National University professor, Wonjong Lee, held the next session entitled ‘Elements and Evolution of the IoT.’ In this age where people and technology are connected through the development of network connectivity, I look forward to seeing how our lives will change in the future.

The last track, Solution & Service, was handled with a more pragmatic approach. Smart Technology 2.0 was introduced through the presentation of LG CNS technology. We were shown ways that Smart Technology 2.0 could be implemented through real-world solutions in fields such as Big Data and smart security. As a student, I found it easy to understand these abstract ideas through real life examples. This was a good opportunity for me to see how certain solutions and technology stand apart from the rest and how these solutions can be implemented in our lives.

What was Happening Outside of the Programs?

Aside from the impressive programming prepared for Entrue World 2014, there were a lot of interesting things to see and experience.


There were special events throughout the convention held at the Wall Street Journal onsite broadcast booth. Interviews were conducted with key speakers at the convention. Through these interviews, we were able to gain additional perspectives from the key speakers that we did not hear during their speeches. Watching the interviews was the most enjoyable aspect of the convention.

Participants were able to directly experience LG CNS solutions and services at the booths for various industries in the lobby outside the auditorium. The booth that demonstrated how LG CNS’s Fleet Management System made it possible for users of the Bogotá, Colombia transportation system to connect to the system with their mobile devices or PCs through cloud computing.


We hope you enjoyed our summary of Entrue World 2014.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this year’s conference. I was able to directly experience Smart Technology 2.0 as presented by LG CNS and came in contact with many new ideas. Get ready for Entrue World 2015!

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