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LG CNS, a global provider of total IT services, always puts its customers’ interests above all else. It has prepared this open cyberspace with one single purpose: to get closer to its customers. The digital media environment is changing faster than ever all around the world. The company has prepared this absolutely open communication space to share information on rapidly developing smart technologies and services across the globe and to discuss with you all the creative ideas that the company and you may have about a given topic.   

LG CNS promises that it will maintain this blog as a genuinely open space of communication between all the parties concerned. It also pledges to keep this space as pleasant as possible for all by ensuring that the following basic principles and rules are strictly adhered to by everyone.

1. Visitors’ Comments

For open, interactive communication among all bloggers, blog writers and visitors, all the comments made by visitors shall be respected and left as they are, with the exception of the following cases, which will be subject to immediate deletion without notice:

① Advertising spam or comments containing swear words, insults or obscenities;

② Comments containing unfounded criticism or personal insults of other persons or entities;

③ Comments that infringe upon others’ privacy;

④ Comments including inappropriate HTML codes.

2. Privacy Policy

In all matters related to information sharing on its official blog, LG CNS clarifies its positions on major issues related to privacy as follows:

① Copyright

Under the Creative Commons 2.0 license, all the contents provided in this blog can be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed or staged for performances as copyrighted works. However, outsider bloggers’ contents cannot be copied or distributed. Users are allowed to use the information on this blog only for private purposes under the following conditions:

  • Indication: The authors of the contents shall be indicated along with the LG CNS blog URL.
  • Non-profit-making: Contents shall not be used for the purpose of making a profit.
  • Alteration: Contents shall not be adapted, modified or changed.

② No Guarantee

LG CNS cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any posts or comments included on its blog. Nor shall it bear any responsibility for damages of any sort caused by a breach of confidence on its blog. 

③ Blog Usage

Blog users can view and subscribe to LG CNS information and news without offering their personal information.

Upon a user’s visit to the blog, a server automatically memorizes information sent by the user’s browser. The server log includes the user’s web requests, visited web addresses, IP addresses, browser types and languages, time and dates of visits and postings, and information defining the user’s browser such as cookies.

The collected information is used to quantify the activities on the blog and make improvements to the blog, such as ensuring easier access to the blog contents by users.

④ Use of Cookies

The LG CNS blog collects and stores information on blog users and their computers through web cookies, which are small pieces of data stored in the users’ computers as the users’ characteristics during the users’ first visits to a blog. Later, when the users come back to the blog, the website recognizes the users because of the cookies containing their personal information such as their names and blog addresses. Cookies help users to use LG CNS blog more easily. Most browsers are set to allow for cookies. Yet users can disable cookies completely so that they are always blocked or they can incorporate a cookie manager to see and selectively delete the cookies currently stored in the browser. When cookies are deleted or become dysfunctional, blog services may be disturbed.

⑤ Links

The LG CNS blog contents contain links to useful sites or blogs including those not protected by the company’s policies. LG CNS shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any information, suggestions, notices or advertising appearing on the linked sites and blogs.

⑥ Event

LG CNS is entitled to collect the minimum level of personal information required by the company to send prizes to the winners of corporate events promoted on the blog. LG CNS pledges to use the information only for event purposes and to discard it soon thereafter.  

⑦ Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact the LG CNS ( if you have any questions about the company’s policies on blog operations or the handling of personal information.

3. Inquiries about Corporate Services

For contact information of the company’s various departments or questions about their main services, please click the linked addresses. The LG CNS Corporate Communications Department (webmaster@lgcns.comwill be happy to deal with any problems with or proposals about the official corporate blog only.

We look forward to your continued interest and participation in the LG CNS blog. Thanks. 


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