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Optimize the Search Engine with Interesting Content

In the last posting, I talked about what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it is being utilized around the globe. In this one, I’d like to go over some strategies for SEO.

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The biggest obstacle that traditional marketing strategies face today is the issue of limited time and space. Digital marketing, which appeared in the 1990s with the emergence of the internet, is being recognized as a solution beyond such obstacles.

Digital marketing includes all commercial activities that happen online in order to connect companies and consumers and produce value. These days, many companies are trying to strengthen their content as a way of improving publicity and gaining higher profit. This is for SEO, which will expose more content about their own companies than others. Let’s take a look at why content matters so much in the era of SEO in the digital marketing field.

Cost-efficient Content Marketing

‘Optimization’ in SEO means making one company’s information better exposed when certain keywords were searched for on portal sites. Of course, there is a way to gain exposure easily, which is to pay to make the company appear in the ‘keyword advertisement section’ based on CPC. The most important search engines that many companies want to use for marketing are Google and Naver. As these sites show the top content without taking any fee for advertisement, the return on investment is much higher. Internet users also tend to trust the information more, since it is not considered to be a type of advertisement.

The content that’s considered to be successful in SEO is the content that comes up at the top of the result page because more people are going to click on it compared to another companies’ content. As some experts say ‘a site without SEO is like a store without a sign on the door’, SEO seems to be very important for their success.

Understanding the Purpose of a Search

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It’s easy to understand why SEO is so important, but many in the marketing field fail to get the idea that SEO is not all about simply having their content on the top of the result page. Of course, though there is a correlation between having the content on the top and SEO, the content on the top isn’t a sufficient condition for SEO. Failing to understand this is because they take SEO merely as a part of IT and this means they haven’t grasped its real importance.

SEO is an effective method which enables search engines to collect and index content. This is important because search engines provide interest-based services unlike Facebook and Twitter which provide relation-based services. Therefore, one of the most important tasks for SEO is to get the purpose of a user’s search.

A Google SEO engineer said that search engines are designed to recognize the reason why users typed such keywords in the search box. The algorithm for Google search is also updated over 500 times a year to meet this goal, since the user’s needs change over time. Since they’re changing their algorithm 1.6 times a day, trying to understand it just with the aspect of coding is destined to be limited. Also, building websites or blogs so the Web Crawler[1] can access them easily cannot make a company more distinguishable either. What is needed to improve the website, thus, is to enhance the quality of the content and to publish it consistently.

Quality Content Absolutely Matters

How is content exposed in a search? Although the algorithm changes often, there’s always the standard called ‘accuracy’. The search engine first picks out all the content that includes the exact keyword and other similar words. Then it uses its own criteria to rank the results that will appear on the top of the page. According to this ranking, each site will be able to expose its title, URL, and its profile image.

As search engines judge the content based on if the keyword is included, it’s the best to make sure the keyword is spread throughout the posting. On the other hand, it is known to be more effective to have keywords in the beginning in order to be exposed on Google, because of English linguistic culture where deductive structure is more common.

Still, there are many different theories about what kind of criteria there is for search engines. One thing that’s clear, however, is that using a simple trick won’t meet all the internal criteria they have. This is the core message when one is to determine a website’s value.

Content SEO Crossword

One thing I’ve learned after over a decade of running a blog is that the quality of the content is important. Quality content will reduce the people who leave the blog and increase an individual’s time spent on it, as well as expanding its viewership. This should be taken seriously since search engines will determine if my content is good enough to be exposed on the top based on these numbers that my blog has.

Adding the correct links to the websites or the social services that you used as the source is another way to improve quality as it increases the credibility of your site. The reason we have to see a website and blog as an ecosystem is this, no matter how mechanical the SEO seems.

Content Marketing for the Niche Market

As we saw today, it is clear that SEO is a great way to secure constant traffic in content marketing. Though it may differ depending on the size of the company or their main items, the content using niche keywords may be even more effective from time to time. Content marketing, therefore, needs to use a long tail approach which considers the internal credibility of the content in order to appear on the top instead of simply adding popular keywords.

Content is a crucial strategy that determines the success of the marketing, and SEO is one of the pieces of the puzzle for successful content marketing. Because of this, it is important to have many channels for distribution including net searches, email, bookmarks, and social media and to secure the traffic rather than focusing on one search engine such as Google. Now that many more consumers are accessing digital content thanks to mobile devices, digital marketing will have to be prepared for such change.

If you’re working on content marketing, look back and see if you’re only focusing on top exposure. As digital culture matures, the quality of the content becomes more critical for an effective marketing strategy. It is important to remember that SEO will show its real value as long as you provide appealing content.

Written by Dong-Kyu Lee (

[1]: Web crawler is a computer program which searches the net with a more organized and automated method. They’re also called ants, automatic indexers, bots, worms, web spider, and web robot. (Source: Wikipedia) [back to the article]

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