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VDI for Security, Operative Stability, and Convenience

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In the previous post, we learned about private clouds suited for individual clients. Today, let’s see how VDI can help us with security and operative stability, and then take a look at vmCube, an integrated VDI management solution from LG CNS.

What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

As of late, many companies are concerned about security control. The reason for this is because incidents like cyber terrorism and private data breaches from enterprises have become more common. This has made security more of a social issue than a simple accident that can occur once in a while. As a result, security has become one of the most crucial agendas that can directly affect a company’s survival.

Also, due to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, companies must support work mobility for their staff members, which made it necessary to establish a way to control potential security threats before any potential security issues may occur. This is something that a CIO (Chief Information Officer) has to overcome sooner than later.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is being adopted as a solution to such security problems. Especially in the field of finance, the introduction of VDI is happening at a fast rate because of its mandatory network segregation. Then, as of now, shall we take a look at what VDI is?


VDI is a technology that enables people to use their PC freely at anytime, anyplace, and with any device by connecting the user’s PC environment into a virtual space. VDI is also a term that covers a wide range of cloud services such as cloud PC and desktop virtualization.

VDI doesn’t carry any risks of data loss, data damage or PC theft, and the reason for that is because the company’s data is managed at a data center instead of being on the personal device itself. Not only does it guarantee a virtual PC environment for each executive member, but it also has great administrative efficiency as it’s been standardized for management, while providing better security than regular PC securities.

LG CNS provided VDI to all of their staff members in 2010, which was a first in Korea, and has put an end to the yearly data breach incidents such as; data loss, data damage and PC theft.


VDI can be considered the optimal solution which suits a fast changing smart working environment. With VDI, it is finally possible for people to experience a real sense of work and life balance, because they now have the ability to work through the virtual PC environment whenever and wherever, with whatever device they possess.

Before VDI, people had to wait regularly around the office in order to take care of things that had to be done after their shift. After VDI, this is no longer necessary and in addition, people now have the ability to just come home after their working hours and access their VDI environment while having dinner with their family to finish the things that must be taken care of.

VDI for Smart Work Environments with Better Security

Some are concerned that VDI may end up making people work even more, since people have the ability to work whenever and wherever. According to a survey, however, staff members working for companies with VDI reported that the quality of their living patterns related to work has actually improved.


The data shown above demonstrates smart work environments with VDI. Due to the environmental benefits many companies are expanding to introduce the VDI.

LG Corporation is also working on establishing Korea’s biggest integrated group VDI (cloud PC) service.

In 2014, LG started adopting VDI in order to prevent APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and data breaching incidents which has become more cunning and large-scaled. For lower cost and better quality, LG has decided to adopt the integrated group VDI (cloud PC) service by standardizing the entire group instead of having differing systems for different firms. Each affiliate is going through the process step by step, and it’s expected to become Korea’s largest VDI by 2016 with over 50,000 users.

The integrated group cloud PC is based on the pay-per-use cloud service (DaaS: Desktop as a Service) where LG CNS constructs the system and each affiliate pays for it according to how much they use. To display the best performance, LG has integrated new technologies, and provided365-days non-stop service from specialists. To provide a convenient accessibility and improved security it’s also provided with a mobile app on smart devices.


In Korea, financial firms have been mandated to segregate their networks since July 11, 2013 by the Korean government’s financial supervisory institution. These firms have gone through tests on various methods for network segregation since the guidelines were announced in September of the same year, and they tend to go for VDI due to security, cost, convenience, and administrative merits. In this trend, LG CNS is considered the leading provider that was the first to establish VDI systems for the most banks, credit card companies, and stock firms.


For a successful VDI establishment, however, systematic preparation to change a firm’s work environment itself is necessary, rather than simply adopting a solution. Such projects generally have four stages, and the first is the ‘analysis planning’ stage to analyze a firm’s IT environment. This is the most important part of the entire process, because it examines the firm’s entire PC related policies, software, and plans for user management.

This stage is considered crucial because it diagnoses current and potential issues beforehand, and then finds the right notion for the project by determining the exact effects expected by having DVI. Once the analysis planning is done, it goes through establishing, stabilizing, and operation.

vmCube, an Integrated VDI Management Solution from LG CNS

VDI consists of diverse components including the ‘infrastructure’ for server/network/storage, ‘virtualization’ for virtualization solution/management server, and ‘client’ for the user PC/printer. Because they have such various factors, it’s easy to fail if they simply try to establish VDI just to adopt a VDI solution. This is why an administrative skill set covering the entire realm of VDI is important.

LG CNS has their original consulting, establishment, and operational methodology based on their experience in establishing VDI. They help companies adopt VDI so that users can experience safety and convenience while administrators are managing the system much more easily. The result of such hard work and experience is the integrated VDI management solution called vmCube.


vmCube provides functions that enhance convenience and efficiency for users and administrators through integrated resource management, workflow automation, and a self-service portal. It also supports diverse virtualization solutions instead of being tied to specific venders and solutions, and enables total administrative control for all VDI components on a single console.

vmCube is a collection of all the know-how LG CNS has accumulated since 2009 through their experience in establishment and operation. The latest version is 4.3 and multiple companies in finance, public, and private sectors have adopted and are now using it. LG CNS is doing its best to keep reflecting its clients’ voices and advancing its functions.

In 2013 LG CNS launched a personal cloud service called Mobile PC as the first in the world, based on their distinguished capability in the VDI field. Unlike the common personal cloud service which revolves around a storage cloud, Mobile PC provides the PC environment through a cloud where you can edit documents using MS Office. It is being used in many different ways due to its distinguishable features from general PCs like its lower price and diverse device compatibilities.

Today, we learned about VDI and how LG CNS is doing in the world of VDI. It’s crucial to specifically determine what you’re expecting through VDI and to ensure your VDI environment operates smoothly, as adopting it won’t magically solve all problems.

LG CNS is providing various ways to deal with these issues through their own establishment methodology, top VDI establishment/operation specialists, and a world class integrated VDI management solution.

In the next post, I’ll introduce you to the LG CNS data center.

Written by Junghwan Kim, senior consultant for LG CNS Cloud Business

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