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The World Recognizes ‘Green IT’ (1)

Hi, this is Ki-Seop Kim, a University Reporter for LG CNS

With industrial development, pollution and climate change have become two of the biggest global problems. I’d like to talk about what ‘green IT’ is and how it can help the environment.

Meet Eco-Friendly LG CNS Busan Data Center


LG CNS Busan Global Cloud Data Center

Advanced ICT (information and communication technology) requires servers that are greater in scale and a data center that can manage such huge servers. In the age of big data, the increased amount of data and the popular cloud computing services call for huge servers.

Everyone will agree that keeping the servers safe and stable is one of the most important things to consider when managing them. To do this, it is crucial to keep the right temperature and humidity in the data center to avoid power disruption. The dilemma here is that, on one hand, it takes a lot of electricity to keep the right temperature, but on the other hand, the server may experience overloads and crash if the temperature goes up. Because energy consumption is directly connected to operating costs, many companies are looking for ways to build Eco-friendly data centers that are safe while consuming less energy. This is the reason building Eco-friendly data centers is a win-win strategy: Minimizing the cost and saving energy.

LG CNS Busan Data Center in Busan, one of the biggest cities of Korea, has been running since early 2013 and is an exemplary model of a green data center. The center is the size of five soccer fields and it contains approximately 72,000 servers.

● Click the link for more information on LG CNS Busan Data Center:

The World Notices Green IT


Development of IT electronics can be a big cause of pollution, but also the greatest weapon to fight against it. International Consultative Organization for Climate Change said by utilizing green IT, the world can decrease CO2 emissions 15% (approximately 7.8 billion tons) by 2020. Among the reduction, smart grid was expected to play the biggest role (30%), followed by intelligence transportation system (29%), and building energy management system (21%). LG CNS is also taking part in this effort with its new travel card system, smart green solution system, etc.

The recent global motto on environmental problems has come down to ‘sustainability.’ This means the world is focusing on developing new processing technologies and finding new resources in order to keep the current system more efficient rather than pushing for growth. With this trend, many have attempted to reduce the waste of resources and to save energy though the use of new technology. Although concepts such as pollution abatement technology and renewable energy (geothermal power, wind power, etc.) were in the center of attention several years ago, ICT is becoming more popular as a solution these days.

light bulb Alternative energy concept

We notice that more people go for ‘smart’ rather than ‘new’ nowadays, though no one can say which one’s more important. Nevertheless, being Eco-friendly is now becoming a lifestyle and more people are noticing the CO2 emission caused by IT and electronics, which is called ‘cyber warming.’ This is probably a natural process since many IT companies have a bigger responsibility in our society these days. We need to keep the sustainability despite the continuous growth which evidently requires more energy and discharges more green-house gases. Through green IT, we can gather data, manage, and control green-gas emissions.

The technology developed for controlling CO2 and Eco-friendly management is called ‘green IT,’ and it was ranked first in the top 10 strategic technologies for 2008. Gartner ranking, which recommends technologies of the year, chose cloud computing and mobile device management in 2011 and 2014. Although the term ‘green IT’ has been out of the ranking since 2010, the platform for green IT is actually more sub-divided into categories like cloud computing, mobile devices, and IoE (Internet of Everything). In other words, the idea of green IT is already in all parts of society, and the specific technologies that apply such ideas to our daily lives are now being recognized.

In the next posting, we’ll take a look at the specific technologies that are considered green IT and how they’re applied to reality.

* Although I used the term both IT and ICT, they can be considered to mean a similar concept.


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