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The Usefulness and Examples of MDD (Model Driven Development)

Last time, we discussed some characteristics of MDD (Model Driven Development) and the usefulness of MDD development methodology. Today we will look at examples of MDD implementation and what the future holds for MDD.


MDD Case Study Analysis

① Case Studies


Current Status of MDD Software Development Environment in Korea

Jeon Buk Bank implemented full MDD to their financial system in Korea’s biggest MDD project and LG CNS’ first successful MDD development. This entire bank account system workflow (analysis, design, development, quantitative testing, execution) was constructed with JAVA based MDD methodology.

Since there are many instances of banking systems be structured entirely on COCOL and C languages, there is a high amount of risk involved in developing a system with a new language. However, all development was done with logical expressions and MDD tools so the dependency on platform was reduced. The productivity of low-level and mid-level developers using the models and logical expressions was similar and limits of the information system project depending on the ability of the developers were eliminated.

Prospects and Issues with MDD

① The Future of MDD

As we have discussed, there are many advantages to MDD. The existing system of separating design and development for software has been replaced and design and development can be synchronized to improve the productivity by helping with documentation and maintenance.

There are many fields where MDD is being implemented in Korea as well and this has been most prevalent in banking. The following cases are instances where MDD is expected to thrive.

Firstly, since there is a shortage in high-level developers in the Korean software industry, the introduction of MDD in Korean software development and management will greatly improve Korean software development methodology.

Secondly, MDD will supplement highly labor intensive software development. The accruement of knowledge on the implementation of model technology will improve competitiveness and implementation of MDD will be an upgrade to industrial software systems.


② Future Prospects

One of the most important factors required to implement MDD is ‘having the tools’ to technologically take advantage of MDD. Currently, the MDD tools needed for executing a theoretical system do not exist there are various MDD tools that go into successful development projects. So, more research is required for the necessary technological MDD tools.

Also, in order for MDD to succeed, developers need to fully embrace MDD. When implementing MDD, people involved in the project must be willing to actively change their roles.

In Korea, a realistic and strategic approach is necessary to invigorate the software industry. Earnest efforts are needed and qualitative strides are required to bring the software industry from the basic infrastructure to the business environment.

Korea is still at the very early stages of implementing and developing the MDD methodology in the software industry. Going forward, Korea must recognize the effectiveness of MDD, share information on the implementation of MDD and continue to develop MDD models.

Written by Hweseung Jin and Taeho Kim, Researcher at Software Policy Institute

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