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Smart Transportation: Making Our Transportation System Safer and More Convenient?

Introducing LG CNS Services & Solutions1


For this New Year, we start a posting series called “Introducing LG CNS Services & Solutions” which will give you a chance to catch a glimpse of what kinds of LG CNS solutions are out there.

The solutions, we will give you a chance to go over, include Smart Transportation, Smart Green City, Energy, Smart Factory, Healthcare, Ship Energy Efficiency Management Solution, and Data Center.

Today, let’s find more about LG CNS Smart Transportation.


While means of transportation are crucial in our daily lives, they can also create a complete chaos when lacking systematic management and operations. To stop the chaos, LG CNS provides a total solution for the transportation sector including consulting, architecture design, system implementation, and operation by applying smart technology to transportation. LG CNS Smart Transportation maximizes operational efficiency of transportation methods and improves the safety and convenience of our transportation system.


Our solutions are for Road, Rail and Air as follow:


Automated Fare Collection (AFC)3

LG CNS’ Smart Card Payment Solution helps transport operators to realize higher efficiency, profitability, and convenience by delivering passenger-oriented “unified fare payment technology.” As a turn-key solution provider, LG CNS provides a range of smart card related equipment, solutions and application services to ensure success in the future of public transit.

Fleet Management System (FMS)3

The LG CNS FMS (Fleet Management System) provides planning and dispatching service from planning timetables to optimized disposition of vehicles and drivers. The solution also tracks the location of vehicles in real time for bus drivers and companies to maintain appropriate intervals among vehicles and optimize dispatch more efficiently.

Traffic Management System (TMS)2

The Traffic Management System of LG CNS provides an integrated and systematic solution cross the entire span of traffic management including traggic information analysis, real-time traffic flow monitoring and incident management, advanced traffic signal control and traffic violation enforcement.



The solution that we provide takes into account the concerns of reliability, availability, safety and maintainability while, at the same time, meeting the high standards set by the requirements of the system.

Platform Screen Door (PSD)3

As the number of travelers who use public transportation increases, a system which could enhance safety and convenience for travelers is required. PSD is a safe facility with sliding doors installed at the metro/train station platforms which are interlocked with the doors of rolling stock for the opening and closing by the signal system recognizing the location of the rolling stock in the station.


Air Traffic Control (ATC)3

With the rapid growth of air traffic and evolution of CNS (Communications, Navigation and Surveillance) / ATM (Air Traffic Management) technology, more modernized air traffic management system is required for air traffic safety and utilization of limited airspace capacity. We committed to support those requirements by integrating our System Integration expertise and LM’s Skyline, the most advanced and proven ATC solution on the market.


If you want to know more about our solutions and references in detail, please visit our LG CNS Smart Transportation Mirco site: http://transportation.lgcns.com/

Written by LG CNS PR Team


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