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Smart Security: Complete Solutions for Security Issues (2)

Integrated Management of Overseas Operating Sites and CCTVs and the Future of Smart Security 

In the previous segment, I talked about the smart security that LG CNS is pursuing. I discussed why it is necessary and gave a couple examples of actual applications of smart security. Here in the second segment, I would like to introduce to you, two more examples and the future directions of the future smart security.

Examples of Smart Security Application (2)

[Case 1] Integrated Security Management for Overseas Operation Sites

In addition to their headquarters in Korea, most big companies have overseas operation sites, such as research centers, factories, and dealers, in a number of locations. They continue to increase their overseas presence in key locations such as China, Europe, and the United States, in particular. These companies install separate security systems, including access control systems and CCTVs, for each overseas operation site. Therefore, they have to establish and operate different security policies for each of their overseas business sites. The consequences include redundant investments in security and a different level of security for each business site. Another serious shortfall is that a company’s headquarters does not know what is going on in its overseas operation sites, which is not just a security challenge. This is also a source of inefficiency in business management, in terms of production and materials management etc.

LG CNS offers a globally integrated access control system as a solution to these issues. With this solution, a company’s overseas operation sites do not need to install access control servers. What they need are standardized devices for access control, vehicle control, and security checks. Through the application of an integrated security system, a company ends up reducing its initial investments in security facilities. Furthermore, it can now can manage and monitor all of its overseas sites with consistent security policies. Overall, the company’s global security level was improved by doing this.

Also, LG CNS equipped the company with its dynamic transcoding technology that is based on its own Intelli-VMS H/W, which minimizes the network bandwidth and significantly reduces the fees for being connected to an overseas telecommunications network, while delivering high definition images in real time. The company is now able to check its overseas storage warehouses and production lines at its headquarters in real time and is able to make decisions promptly. All of which has contributed to improving the company’s business performance and making improvements in productivity, for instance.

[Case 2] Urban Security Controls Based on Intelligent Situation Controls

In line with the increasing number of violent crimes, many nations are promoting the establishment of central CCTV control centers. The problem is that recently a few centralized control centers have integrated hundreds to thousands of CCTV screens and have assigned a limited number of personnel to check them all. Their ability to detect and investigate incidents is quite limited.

LG CNS has developed the i-USC (Intelligent Unified Situation Control) to allow its clients to overcome these types of limitations while laying the foundation for the establishment of accident prediction and prevention systems. The i-USC is equipped with diverse features such as metadata-based rapid and effective incident detection and searches; comprehensive situation controls, which work via an organic integration of GIS, GPS, and video information; and the sharing of information and collaborating with the relevant agencies for real-time joint actions.  

In addition to the aforesaid examples, LG CNS also offers plant safety control systems that are based on sensor and visual information and VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service), which is based on smart CCTVs.

Future Smart Security

Currently, attempts to integrate physical and IT security are being made in various fields. However, the reality is that the endeavors remain at the initial stages and they focus on the networking of physical security features, integrating data and screen information into various security systems, and the analysis of big security log data.   


The Present and the Future of Smart Security

Personally, I anticipate that it will not take long before a trend towards smart security will emerge as the mega trend in security and that the convergence between security and other information technologies and business will continue on.

Such a change will result in a remarkable expansion of the scope of smart security and smart security will end up embracing Safety and Savings, in addition to its original Security features. I am fully convinced that the era when we can predict and prevent security incidents in intelligent ways and make our business and living conditions far smarter on the basis of our smart security technologies will become a reality in the quite near future.

Written by KYUNG-HA KIM excelkim@lgcns.com  


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