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Smart Security: Complete Solutions for Security Issues (1)

Smart Security Makes the Security Environment Smarter

What is LG CNS Smart Security?

LG CNS defines smart security as, “The creation of a smart security and business environment through the convergence of traditional security technologies/platforms with other technological areas.” These other areas range from security technologies, such as physical security or IT security, to technologies in other cutting-edge areas, like advanced analytics (AA). LG CNS believes that convergence is the key to building a better smart security environment. LG CNS integrates a number of security component elements that are all around us (i.e., CCTVs to various types of sensors), and they do so from a new perspective. As a result, LG CNS presents its clients with complete solutions to their pain points and fully meets their needs for security. All of which is simply impossible with traditional security approaches.  


The Definition of LG CNS Smart Security


The Major Characteristics of Smart Security

Why smart security?

Keywords are indicative of what the mega issues or trends in an industry are. What are the current popular keywords in security? They include: APT (Advanced Persistent Threat), which is a typical type of massive cyber attack; BYOD (Bring your own device) Security, which has been rendered necessary due to the sharp increase in mobile devices; Privacy and Compliance, which is in connection with the national efforts to enhance relevant legislation, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on the Promotion of the Utilization of Information, and the Communications Network and Electronic Financial Transaction Act. People are also paying plenty of attention to intelligent safety systems that are based on CCTVs and various sensors in line with the increases in violent crimes and negligent accident like gas leaks.


Current Popular Keywords in Security

Given the present compelling challenges with security systems, traditional security approaches can no longer be a viable option for effectively dealing with increasingly sophisticated crimes and accidents. Nations and/or corporations cannot help but turn to smart security systems to cope with their rapidly changing security environment. 

Examples of Smart Security Applications (1)

Smart Security has plenty of room for development. Yet, since it has already been applied to the real world, allow me to introduce a few examples that will show you the genuine values of Smart Security.

 [Case 1] An Information Leak Monitoring System that is Integrated with AA Technologies

 The “Integrated Information Leak Monitoring System” has been established and operated by some business conglomerates in Korea. The system integrates log data from diverse security systems. Therefore, it can detect risks related to information leaks and can carry out relevant investigations on the basis of its information leak scenarios and risk indices. However, the system has the following shortfalls: it can be only connected to IT security systems like external transmission monitoring systems, PC security systems, and DRM (digital restrictions management); and its analysis capability deteriorates considerably when login keeps growing. 

To counter these limitations, new Integrated Information Leak Monitoring Systems not only connect to physical security systems, such as access control systems, asset carry-in and carry-out management systems, and multifunction office machine security systems, but also to software related to internal work procedures including groupware, EDMS (enterprise document management systems), and patent systems. The systems have also applied big data based AA technologies to effectively cope with surging log data and have remarkably improved the ability and accuracy of data analysis.

 [Case 2] Converged Single ID-based Security Management

Generally, an employee needs an ID to access the company IT system and another ID to use a PC. In addition, he/she needs an ID card (employee card) to access office buildings, an RF card to use a vehicle, and an S/N for a laptop in the physical working environment. Visual images on CCTVs are also a significant piece of information on employee identify. Most companies manage such diverse employee IDs in different systems. As a result, security management points have sharply increased, blind spots in security have grown, and it has become even harder to trace the employees who are responsible for wrongdoings.  

A single ID system manages users’ identities at one point. Therefore, it immediately detects the person in question regardless of if he/she uses a smart card, a My Fare Card, or an NFC-based smartphone (mobile ID). The same is true for if the person is identified by their iris, fingerprints, or vehicles. With this solution, an organization can maintain consistent security policies and it can also be assured of the possibility to track the ones who are responsible for incidents whenever necessary.

In addition, through the integration of physical security and IT security systems, employees can now access office buildings, use multifunction office machines, connect to internal networks, and log into public laptops with single smartcard based employee ID cards. Furthermore, through the integration of drawings and visual information into the access control system, the LG CNS solution can produce visual information on the relevant location and time, as well as information on the card holder, when a security incident, like the loss of an identity card, occurs. Therefore, an organization can figure out what has really happened and can take immediate action in regards to the situation.

In the next segment, “Smart Security: Complete Solutions to Security Issues (2),” I would like to discuss the directions of the future development of smart security, along with a couple of additional examples of smart security applications. 

Written by KYUNG-HA KIM  excelkim@lgcns.com



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