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Smart Green City: Creating a Future City, as We Imagined

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Today, many cities around the world face serious problems such as increased carbon emissions, environmental pollution, household waste accumulation, and aging infrastructures.

To solve these environment, energy, and safety issues, IT environment is becoming more and more complicated. Especially, the importance of S/W role of IT environment is increasing which can be known by the fact that 50% of automobile and 40% of airplane development cost is estimated as the S/W development cost.

Therefore, adopting the software platform is a trend solution and decreasing the development cost and increasing the safety through the software platform is now an indispensable feature.

What is Smart Green Solution

LG CNS Smart Green Solution can resolves a wide range of urban issue using smart technology and green technology to create a safe, convenient, and eco-friendly cities where all residents can enjoy much better life quality.


The base of Smart Green Solution is Smart Green Platform which offers customers’ values by providing expandability and flexibility.

Smart Green Platform is a software platform developed with a concept “Any Domain, Any Device, Any Service” that lets customers easily connect devices and link with outer systems. Moreover, it is available to combine services to fit in with customer’s business and incase of need, easy additional development is possible.

Smart Green Platform is an Open Framework which consists of Core Framework, Smart Builder, Smart Connect, and Smart ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).


Smart Green Solution Portfolio

Smart Green Solution is formed into various parts such as Building, Urban infrastructure, and Energy & Environment, and by combining these solutions; it can be customized to specific business areas such as a hotel, airport, data center and hospital.



SGS of LG CNS is applied and managed in energy, environment/safety and building section.


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Written by LG CNS PR Team

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