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LG CNS’s First International Project of the Year: ICT Education Empowerment Project in Colombia

The Project to Build Colombia’s ICT Education Capability

LG CNS places itself at the center of Colombia’s ICT education

Here’s some good news for LG CNS: the Company has just won its first overseas project in 2014 in Colombia. Earlier this year, the Company signed a $35million (KRW37billion) contract for “ICT Education Capability Building in Colombia” with the Ministry of National Education of Colombia. The project is aimed at improving the quality of elementary and secondary schools in Colombia, using ICT (Information and Communications Technology). The project will take fifteen months to complete from January 2014, and will be followed up with twelve months of operation and maintenance services.

Education Reform Centers, which play a central role in Colombia’s education


The six education reform centers to be opened in Colombia

As a country located near the equator, much of its population is concentrated on the capital Bogota, which is situated in a high mountain area (2,500m above sea level) free from the stifling heat of tropical weather. It is said that there is a wide gap between the capital and other areas in terms of the quality of administration, education, and culture, a gap which the Colombian government is urgently striving to bridge. This project is being carried out as part of such an effort. Following the opening of the six education reform centers, which will be equipped with facilities and equipment for the development of ICT education contents, the educational contents and equipment produced by the centers will be distributed to elementary and secondary schools, whose number currently stands at a little more than fifty. The Central Education Reform Center, to be opened in Bogota, will be in charge of the development and distribution of educational contents, while the five regional education reform centers, to be opened in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and Villavicencio, will be responsible for the distribution of educational contents and teaching methods to more than fifty schools nationwide.

Significance of winning Colombia’s ICT education project


An LG CNS employee showing local teachers how to operate the ICT system installed in Ubate, Colombia in 2011

This project is a good example of a large-sized business exploring a new market in cooperation with SMEs specializing in equipment, contents, and software, using Korea EXIM Bank-provided EDCF[1]. LG CNS succeeded in winning the project as a result of the sheer technological prowess it displayed in its establishment of the Smart School program in South Korea and Saudi Arabia. As such, LG CNS will do our utmost to execute the Colombian project with a solid sense of responsibility as representatives of the information technology service industry.

Expectations of rising ICT-related demand in Latin America

In Latin America, the demand for IT infrastructure has been rising rapidly on the back of the region’s recent economic growth, but few local businesses are equipped with the technology required to meet such demand. However, this lack presents opportunities for South Korean businesses. LG CNS’s sheer technological prowess has been widely recognized as a result of its successful completion of the Bogota Traffic Card System, the largest system integration project ever carried out in the country, and the Project for the Establishment of a Korean-type High-end Educational Service in Ubate, Colombia[2]. We expect that we will be able to win more ICT projects in Latin America, as major cities in the region regard the Bogota Traffic Card System as a worthy target of benchmarking.

Written by PR Team, LG CNS 

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