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LG CNS to Penetrate the Private Cloud Market with ‘Smart Cloud Block’

LG CNS is planning to expand their private cloud business for both large and mid-sized enterprises. Private cloud services provided for individual enterprise have advantages of better security and stability compared to public cloud, and they can also provide more specific customizations according to the specific needs of the company.

According to KRG (Knowledge Research Group), the actual market size of private cloud services is 3-4 times bigger than public cloud services and is expected to continue to grow in spite of the attention being received by public cloud services these days.

The strength of LG CNS private cloud is that it reduces costs while satisfying the availability[1] required by mid-sized and larger enterprises.

Based on their accumulated technologies from various fields including the manufacturing and the public sectors, LG CNS is the only Korean company that has developed and currently owns a private cloud environment solution set called LG CNS Smart Cloud Block.


LG CNS Smart Cloud Block diagram

This solution set includes all the components required to create and run a cloud environment:  hardware such as software based storage and network, open stack[2] based cloud platform, U2L (Unix to Linux) and open source software migration[3] methodology and support tools, as well as consulting and operational services with an open source management solution.

LG CNS has shown their confidence in open source solutions with their successful conversion of the old system at one of Korea’s biggest home shopping companies to open source software and establishing a Hadoop based big data platform.

They also stated that adopting an open source software based cloud environment instead of investing in IT infrastructure can cut costs drastically for the internet shopping mall where an increase in the number of members is not always directly related to sales growth.

LG CNS characterized the private cloud to have great applicability as it can be utilized in replacing the mainstay system with open source software and in creating a virtual desktop infrastructure with separate networks for disaster recovery and security enhancement, as well as software defined storage equipment to prevent interruptions.

LG CNS aims to become a pioneer of the cloud market by developing Korea’s private cloud market this year. Therefore, they are planning to share information on the strengths of the LG CNS Cloud Service such as its applicability, cost-cutting effects, and stability, through various consulting and briefing events. Most recently, LG CNS hosted ‘2015 LG CNS Cloud Day’ at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul to show its determination to enter the private cloud market.


Vice President Jong Wan Kim delivering his welcoming speech at 2015 LG CNS Private Cloud Day

LG CNS announced that Korea is transitioning from distributed virtualization to private cloud through a progression of five cloud environments stages: server virtualization, distributed virtualization, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud.

The leader of the Infrastructure Service Unit, Jong Wan Kim, emphasized that “a company’s capability in cloud migration based on in-depth understanding of the traditional infrastructural architecture and application system as well as the general skill set for clouds are crucial to successfully adopting a cloud environment”, adding that LG CNS is ready to penetrate the Korean market with their extensive experience in creating Korea’s best system in construction and operation as well as open source and cloud services.

Written by LG CNS New Media Team

[1] Availability: Minimizing situations in which the system is unusable due to errors in the cloud system. When availability improves, the stability and replaceability of the system are also enhanced. [back to the article]

[2] Open stack: An open source project for IaaS cloud computing with maintenance from a non-profit organization called Open Stack Foundation established in 2012. It is primarily operated and developed for Linux and aims for open design and development. [back to the article]

[3] Migration: Task or process of moving from one IT environment to a better IT environment [back to the article]

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