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LG CNS to Construct Korea’s First International Sports Broadcast System

17th Incheon Asian Games <International Broadcast Center Construction Service> Contract

LG CNS has been selected to construct the International Broadcast Center (IBC[1]) Incheon Asian Games (hereafter referred to as the Incheon Asian Games[2]) that will be held this September. Accordingly, LG CNS will be the first Korean company to construct an international sports broadcast center, a field that has been dominated by foreign companies until now. IHB[3] (Seong-gil Kim, President), the Incheon Asian Games host broadcast company formed by joint funding from KBS and MBC, was established for the Incheon Asian Games in May, 2013 and is Korea’s first consolidated sports contents production company. IHB is charged with broadcasting all Incheon Asian Games via HD signal to 45 Asian countries and also provide the signal to major global sports networks.

IHB has broken the long practice of depending on foreign companies for the construction of broadcast systems for international sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics and selected LG CNS for the construction of this project. The broadcast company succeeded in securing the long sought after localization of the broadcast system construction. This project not only contributes to increasing Korean domestic broadcast IT capabilities, but is also expected to revitalize a stagnant Korean broadcast industry.

Enjoy the Asian Games in Clearer UHD TV


Panoramic View of 17th Incheon Asian Games Stadium

LG CNS is expected to construct an efficient international broadcast signal distribution and transmission system for broadcasting the Incheon Asian Games for this project. Through this system 36 events will be transmitted through 72 channels until the event concludes in October. For the Incheon Asian Games, the transmission will be broadcast in UHDTV[4], which boasts a resolution that 4 times better than HDTV, and is sure to grab the attention of sports enthusiasts. KBS and MBC will participate directly in producing the UHD signal to bring vivid and realistic images of the Incheon Asian Games into the homes of Korean viewers.

At the Top of the Korean Domestic Broadcast IT Industry!


Panoramic View of the Songdo Convensia Center, which Houses the International Broadcast Center

LG CNS is committed to providing easy management and stable equipment to fulfill their role as Korea’s first international sports broadcast system service. So LG CNS is striving to implement stable hardware and to construct an open external signal that allows easy connectivity with the goal to maximize the ability of the user to access the system with ease.

LG CNS is the leading Korean broadcast IT industry company that has been constructing the majority of digital broadcast systems for KBS, SBS, EBS etc. for the past 15 years. With the construction of the International Broadcast Center, LG CNS strive to secure business for the construction of international sports broadcast systems for the World Cup, the Olympics and other sporting events in the future. LG CNS also hopes to boost Korean broadcast IT capabilities worldwide by delivering total media services from content production and editing to delivery systems construction.

There are high expectations for LG CNS technology during the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

Written by LG CNS PR Center

IBC (International Broadcasting Center): Center for the management of broadcasting efficient distribution of international broadcast signals [back to the article]

The Asian Games were held in Seoul in 1986, Busan in 2002, and Korea will host the games for the 3rd time in Incheon in 2014. [back to the article]

IHB: Incheon Asian Games Host Broadcasting Management[back to the article]

UHDTV: Ultra High Definition Television [back to the article]

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