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LG CNS supports Major Oil Producer Kuwait with Energy Conservation

– LG CNS Wins a Contract in the Middle East for Its ‘Smart Green Solution –

LG CNS’s ‘Smart Green Solution[1]‘ will help conserve energy in Kuwait, one of the biggest oil producers in the world.

In partnership with local company Life Energy (CEO: Ahmed Al-Ozairi)[2], LG CNS won a contract from KISR (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research) for DSM (Demand Side Management)[3] worth KWD1.6 million or about KRW6.2 billion. Under the contract, LG CNS will build and operate a centralized remote control system for the installation of lighting, air conditioning and water-monitoring facilities in ninety preschools and elementary, middle and high schools in Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Kuwait.

Kuwait, which still has vast oil reserves, is entirely dependent on thermal power generation. It charges its citizens virtually nothing for their energy consumption, inevitably leading to severe energy consumption. Recently, the country suffered several blackouts. Public facilities, particularly schools and mosques, tend to leave their A/Cs operating while there is nobody in them. The Kuwaiti government has struggled to address the issue. The government estimates that implementation of a demand side management contract will reduce power consumption in school buildings in the area by as much as 30%. Once the energy-saving effects have been confirmed, it is highly likely that this demand side management project will be expanded to the rest of the country’s public facilities.

According to the terms of the contract, LG CNS will supply various hardware facilities including servers and communications equipment needed for remote monitoring and control, and its own energy management solution, ‘Smart Green Solution.’ The contract also requires LG CNS to integrate and operate the entire system. The award of this contract in the Middle East, which marks oil-rich Kuwait’s first steps into the global struggle to conserve energy, is a strong indication of the global competitiveness of the company’s ‘Smart Green Solution.’ As such, LG CNS will take the opportunity to further expedite its overseas advance, and continue to contribute to the great cause with its most efficient solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

It is expected that LG CNS’s ‘Smart Green Solution’ will play a key role in the wide-ranging global effort to conserve energy.

Kuwait_energyChiller units installed in Kuwait



  • 1. Launched in July 2012, LG CNS’s ‘Smart Green Solution’ is the world’s first integrated solution that enables people to save energy using information technologies designed for facilities of various sizes, ranging from a single building to an entire mega city. In September 2012, LG CNS installed its ‘Smart Green Solution’ in a 21.3MW PV system in Bulgaria for the first time overseas. According to the results of its own simulation analysis, a building equipped with ‘Smart Green Solution’ reduces energy consumption by more than 18% with the proper control, and power by over 50% through the additional installation of high-efficiency facilities and the use of new and renewable energy sources. LG CNS has also successfully introduced its hotel-specific energy management solution – called ‘Smart Hotel Solution’ – as part of its extensive lineup of city- and building-specific solutions. It has taken the lead in energy conservation efforts thanks to the diverse applications of its ‘Smart Green Solution.’ [back to the article]
  • 2. The official name of Life Energy is ‘Life Energy Company for Electrical Contracting and Alternative Energy Generating Devices LLC.’ Its CEO is Ahmed S. Al-Ozairi. [back to the article]
  • 3. The official name of the project is Application Management System Energy Demand for Schools in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Education Zone. It is commonly referred to as the DSM (Demand Side Management) Project. [back to the article]

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