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LG CNS Partners with Oracle to Enter the Big Data Market in Asia-Pacific

Signing of MOU for Cooperation in Big Data/Advanced Analytics Business

LG CNS, the leader of the big data industry in Korea, has partnered with Oracle, the global leader in DB, with a view to entering the Asia-Pacific market.

LG CNS and Oracle signed a comprehensive MOU for cooperation in the big data and advanced analytics technology sector at the LG CNS HQ building in September. The two parties will jointly develop solutions and develop business opportunities to promote their big data business in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to IDC, a US-based IT market research agency, the global big data market is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of around 40%, i.e. about seven times that of the overall IT market, rising from USD 9.7 billion in 2013 to USD 16.9 billion by 2015. IDC has also predicted that the big data market in Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, will grow by 46.8% annually to reach a total market size of USD 1.76 billion in 2016.

To address this burgeoning global IT trend, LG CNS introduced Korea’s first big data integrated solution, the Smart Big Data Platform (SBP), in November 2012 to great enthusiasm, and has been leading the domestic market since then. Oracle also has an extensive lineup of big data solutions such as the appliance-based (SW/HW combined) Exadata, Exalytics, BigDataAppliance, and the analytics solution Endeca.

The signing of the MOU by the domestic big data powerhouse LG CNS and the global leader Oracle is expected to create synergy by combining the strengths of both parties. Oracle’s big data product group is showing rapid growth, more than doubling its sales after each quarter. Carrying out the big data business in 67 countries, the company chose LG CNS as its first Korean partner in the big data business.

LG CNS has adopted a strategy for penetrating the Asia-Pacific market using Oracle’s global marketing channels on the strength of its successes in the Korean market. Notably, it plans to enhance the performance of its solutions and service by collaborating with Oracle on technologies and services. Furthermore, services of even higher quality can be expected as the mutually compatible, high-quality products of both companies can be offered as customized solutions for customers at competitive prices. The two companies plan to engage in joint solution development and carry out an aggressive marketing campaign.

[Reference 1] Big Data Business Capability of LG CNS
LG CNS has been operating a big data task force to lead the market since early 2011, established the AA Center, a specialized advanced analytics group, in July 2012, and promoted the group to the AA business division in 2013. With a workforce consisting of more than 200 analytics professionals and big data consultants as well as the Hadoop engineers, the company is developing its key manpower. LG CNS is steadily accumulating project successes based on its strong human resources and nine in-house big data/advanced analytics solutions and is seeking to expand its business to overseas markets.   

* Big Data Solutions from LG CNS (9)


[Reference 2] Oracle’s Big Data Business Capability
Oracle has developed an extensive big data lineup ranging from enhanced engineered system solutions (including an integrated system which closely optimizes HW such as servers, storage and networks as well as SW from the design stage) to big data analysis solutions. The company is conducting big data projects in sixty-seven countries and has been strengthening its collaboration with a number of global partners.




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