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In today’s Internet based society, massive amounts of data is being created and the need for space where data can be managed systematically and professionally grew with it. Data centers, which emerged to satisfy this demand, are handling most data we encounter these days. Let’s have a look at how data centers have evolved as a necessity.

LG CNS Data Center with the Best Data Center Service


LG CNS Data Centers (Busan Global Cloud Data Center, Gasan Center, Incheon Center, and Sang-am IT Center from top left)

LG CNS is currently running four data centers within Korea: Sang-am IT Center and Gasan Center in Seoul, Incheon Center, and Busan Global Cloud Center (hereafter Busan center). There are three other data centers run by LG CNS at globally recognized locations in the U.S., Europe, and China.

Key to Continued Data Center Service Electricity

These data centers require a large amount of electricity in order to provide services. Managing massive amounts of power effectively has become one of the key objectives for LG CNS data centers for this reason.

Stable supply and effective power management are two key factors for uninterrupted data center service. How is electricity, the key component of a data center, being managed, then?

One of the most important factors for uninterrupted IT infrastructure service is electricity. One can say electricity is the foundation of a clients’ operational infrastructure.


Power supply at Busan center: duplex substation

The core role of LG CNS data centers is to implement and manage power and facilities while satisfying clients’ requests. For stable power supply, they employ various generators including hydroelectric in order to supply power to IT infrastructure and related equipment.

Electricity in Korea is considered very stable, but most data centers aim for even better stability by splitting substations into two separate facilities. The duplex subsystems including an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and a panel board as well as hydroelectric power were adopted to operate the client’s IT infrastructure more effectively.


(From left) Electric power room at Sang-am IT center: generating facility, emergency generator, and UPS

Another crucial task is to make sure the power on each rack at the lowest power level is working properly. The reason why it is important is because each rack is designed to supply power according to a client’s request. Thorough checks need to be made to observe whether there are any racks getting excessive current and how the power situation at other parts is affected by the excessive current.

If a rack is being provided with too much current, then the administrator should see whether the facility is equipped enough not to cause negative effects on other services. Power consumption would also have to be monitored closely to avoid excess energy in infrastructure installation and operation.

The emergency generation facility is another crucial part of a data center, because it is considered a key criterion when evaluating the stability of data center operation. How many hours the emergency generator can run, how much fuel is required to run it, and whether or not there is a way to get additional fuel all need to be covered through regular checkups.

Eco-Friendly Green Data Centers

LG CNS is always working to balance power consumption and environmental issues, while enhancing its global competiveness by introducing green data centers.

The effort LG CNS has made was proved to be meaningful when it received the Green Data Certification and Brill Awards.

First in 2014, the Green Data Center Certification by Korea IT Service Association graded LG CNS Busan center with A+++, which is the highest possible grade available. This certification proves the efficiency of the LG CNS data center.


Green Data Center Certification (A+++)

LG CNS Busan center earned the highest scores in three years since the Green Data Certification system was first introduced. The A+++ grade is considered especially meaningful because this was a chance to show that energy efficiency of Korean data centers was objectively verified to be up to a global level. Sang-am center has also been certified as a green data center repeatedly since the certification was introduced in 2012.

This was possible thanks to the accumulated experience of LG CNS in eco-friendly technologies and energy management. The patented built-up exterior air conditioning system and air duct to vent heat from the server are examples showing how LG CNS included measures to enhance energy efficiency from the design phase of the data center.


Built-up exterior air conditioning system at LG CNS Busan center

The built-up exterior air conditioning system was applied to not only the newly constructed data centers but also the existing data centers like those at Incheon center, creating a remarkable energy saving effect in air conditioning for computing rooms.

Besides Green Data Center Certification, LG CNS’ eco-friendly technologies were also appreciated in May, 2014, by Brill Awards, the most respected awards for global data centers.

Brill Awards runs by Uptime Institute, a global data center certification organization. They highly appreciated the fact that LG CNS data center considered energy efficiency and safety from the design phase of the project.


LG CNS winning Brill Awards

Creativity shown through Busan center’s integration of various top-notch technologies attracted the Brill Awards committee’s attention, and its winning of the Brill Awards put its name on the list of the global top 0.1% data centers.

Their effort to develop new and better technologies never ceases despite the global attention from their achievement. LG CNS is always working to create the world’s best data center.

For an Even More Advanced LG CNS Data Center

LG CNS Data Center is seeking new ways to improve technology in various aspects. Busan Center adopted the Smart Green Platform (SGP) developed by LG CNS in order to effectively operate and manage energy.


LG CNS data center energy management using the Smart Green Platform

SGP provides an operational environment with integrated maintenance functions in order to reduce costs and help the system become more eco-friendly.

Effective energy expenditure management is crucial when operating data centers. SGP is the optimal solution, as it automates the system on which everything can be controlled and recorded for analysis. With the facilities with higher efficiency, it also reduces energy consumption and personnel expense.

UPS management/operation, batteries, and panel boards can become much more effective with LG CNS solutions, providing the best options to run data centers.


Smart UPS, the optimal operation solution for LG CNS data center

The example image above shows the Smart UPS Solution consisting of an eco-friendly lithium battery, certified 3rd party UPS, and a battery & UPS Management System (bUMS). This solution enables stable battery management with quick and easy integrated operation, as well as its distinguished performance.

Battery data and UPS data are sent to each bUMS through the embedded Battery Management System (BMS). Because the battery management system gathers data at every stage, the accuracy of the gathered data can become much higher. Accurate data results in successful real-time monitoring and immediate response to errors.

LG CNS is working hard through continued research in order to improve data centers. They are developing the environment measurement solution for computer rooms as a part of the effective operation tool, while creating a monitoring system for smart data centers.

They are also looking for ways to enhance efficiency of facility management and the maintenance systems, in order to make the operation easier and save energy at four data centers in Korea. They are expanding the patented exterior air conditioning and changing equipment with higher efficiency to reduce cost as well.

Today, we had a look at LG CNS data centers’ new technologies and the key factors of their development. To become the best in the world, LG CNS data centers have been reflecting the latest trends while satisfying clients with their technologies and services. I look forward to seeing more advanced forms of data centers created by LG CNS.

The series “The Present and Future of Cloud Service” which started in May has come to an end. Thank you for taking an interest in cloud services and sending your support.

Written by Kyungwon Yoon, LG CNS Infrastructure Service Unit

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