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LG CNS Launches Korea’s First Integrated Factory Solution

Smart Factory Solution

A One-Stop Smart Factory Solution

Factories are core facilities for every manufacturer. In light of this, LG CNS has launched ‘Smart Factory Solution’, a solution that helps resolve all the issues involved in building a factory. As Korea’s first integrated factory solution, it offers a one-stop service for all the procedures involved in the construction of a production facility, ranging from design consultation to hardware and software installation to manufacturing operations.   

Previously, building a factory system was an individual one-time project. It also depended on separate solutions like the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for different aspects of the operation of a factory. Therefore, owners had to place separate orders for design, hardware and software, respectively. Factory facilities had different specifications and thus were hard to link to one another, too.

LG CNS’s ‘Smart Factory Solution’ provides an integrated factory design that covers all the stages involved from planning to the installation of all the hardware and software needed for a factory. Even those who have never built a factory can easily use the IT-based standard integrated factory management services offered by LG CNS’s Smart Factory Solution. Furthermore, the LG CNS solution provides facility software at the facility setup stage. Software for each facility can be upgraded whenever necessary. LG CNS’s new solution can also be purchased partially.  

The ‘Smart Factory Solution’ is an invention of LG CNS. It provides factory builders with one-stop services for all their requirements. It offers consulting services about building a factory; integrated software programs for production execution, energy conservation and facility control; and IT-affiliated logistics and testing facilities.

Examples of Installation of Smart Factory Solution

LG CNS’s Smart Factory Solution has been successfully adopted by the production facilities of LG Display, LG Chem and LG Innotek. At present, the solution is being adopted by Doosan Infracore. On average, these firms have made savings of more than 20% in terms of facility installation space and over 10% in investment amount by adopting LG CNS’s Smart Factory Solution.   

Moreover, factory owners and operators can also expect such positive effects as the maximization of productivity; improvements in cost competitiveness due to reductions in energy and operation costs; and product quality improvement through optimization of the factory operation environment.

Besides the abovementioned firms, LG CNS has successfully executed factory automation projects for other firms both at home and abroad. Its domestic clients include Korea Post and Handok Pharmaceuticals. Internationally, LG CNS has implemented its Smart Factory Solution at Proton, a Malaysian car manufacturer; Khodro Company, the leading Iranian vehicle manufacturer; and the GE Healthcare factory in the United States. Factories that have adopted LG CNS’s Smart Factory Solution are visited by a number of current or future factory builders for benchmarking purposes. The solution is drawing keen attention from the industry, too.

Microsite of LG CNS’s Smart Factory Solution (http://smartfactory.lgcns.com) available in Korean, English and Chinese and accessible on mobile devices, too

LG CNS has developed ‘Smart Factory Solution’ based on the know-how and many years of valuable experience it has acquired in automating factories at home and abroad. It is now trying to expand its overseas presence to new frontiers like the United States, China and Japan.  LG CNS has entered into official partnerships with Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard China. Recently, it launched multi-language websites exclusively designed for Smart Factory Solution (http://smartfactory.lgcns.com) in Korean, English and Chinese to accelerate its efforts to expand overseas.

Components of LG CNS’s One-Stop Smart Factory Solution

LG CNS’s one-stop Smart Factory Solution consists of Consulting Services, SW Solutions and Facilities.

Consulting Services

The consulting services are geared toward the construction or improvement of factories. The services cover the entire range of construction activities including planning, layout, process improvements, factory automation, facility standardization, energy conservation and IT consulting. The services are aimed at building optimal factories at minimal costs.

SW Solutions

1) ezMES (Manufacturing Execution System): ezMES is a system that controls production processes. It compares production results with production plans and analyzes the current state of production in real time.  LG CNS has accumulated know-how and experience in a number of key industries over the past two decades. It now offers standardized factory solutions for car manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, LED makers and pharmaceutical companies among others. 

2) ezUMS (Utility Management System): ezUMS is a system that automatically controls and optimizes the operation of all the production facilities and the surrounding environment of a factory.  It offers diverse features such as integrated factory control, UPS monitoring and building control. All of these together build up the best production environment in a variety of areas like lighting, temperature and humidity in real time. The system also checks energy consumption by each production process as well as by the whole factory in real time, and makes the necessary adjustments automatically. It is integral to the company’s mandate to continue making improvements to product quality in factories.

3) ezControl (Facility Control Solution): ezControl is a PC-based solution that enables floor technicians who lack in-depth knowledge about programming to control all the production, logistics and utility facilities in a factory easily and quickly. The system can also be sued to customize a complex line of equipment supplied by different manufacturers in the way a client wants.  


LG CNS produces logistics facilities that are critical to seamlessly connecting various production facilities in a single factory. The company also manufactures product testing facilities that deliver precise testing results quickly. These IT-based facilities are incorporated into the overall production control system of a factory, which contributes to maximizing a factory’s efficiency.

Written by LG CNS Corporate Communications Unit

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