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LG CNS Emerges onto the European Smart Grid Market

– USD 45M AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure Contract with Tauron Polish Energy –

LG CNS Successfully Emerges onto the European Market with Smart Grid!

LG CNS has succeeded in launching into the European market with a smart grid project worth USD 45M. The EU has issued a mandate known as Horizon 2020 that promotes efforts to use ICT infrastructure in the transportation, energy, water, waste and other various fields. Since Poland is a member nation of the EU, they have been working to meet the recommendations of the EU administration. Many Korean companies have also tried to move into the European market as a result of this, especially in the AMI supply field.

This joint contract is the largest that any Korean company has obtained in AMI supply and HES (Head End System).


A meeting of the heads of the LG CNS and Tauron Polish Energy project to commemorate the agreement

LG CNS Technology in 330,00 Wroclaw, Poland Homes!

LG CNS won a contract with Tauron Polish Energy (TAURON Dystrybucja S.A., www.tauron-dystrybucja.pl, from now on referred to as Tauron) for USD 45M to supply 330,000 AMI components and construct the system.

AMI, which is essential in forming the smart grid that manages power prices according to the supply and demand of power, is a smart power measuring system that sends real-time data on amounts of power used to a centralized system.

LG CNS formed a consortium with Eltel Networks (Denmark), Eltel Networks Olsztyn (Poland) and World IT Systems (Poland) for this project. This LG CNS consortium won the contract through a fierce bidding process with top European and Asian companies that spanned over 2 rounds. LG CNS was able to secure the contract through its experience in solar and other energy industries and through its collaboration with micro grid and smart grid suppliers.

LG CNS will begin the project in September of 2014 and plans to complete the project in April of 2017. The project is expected to take 32 months and involved the installation of AMI in 330,000 home in the Polish city of Wroclaw. Once the AMI is installed, LG CNS will construct the HES, which receives and analyzes data from the AMI equipment.

Poland is the Bridgehead for Entering the European Energy Market

Poland, as a member nation of the EU, will install AMI technology in 80% of households by 2020 in order to fulfill the Horizon 2020 mandate. Poland is expected to gradually install AMI in 16M homes by 2020 and Tauron is expected to order 4.9M AMI over this time. The anticipated budget is likely to total USD 1 billion dollars. So, LG CNS could potentially capture business of up to USD 1 billion dollars in the Polish AMI market. Since each country in the EU must adhere to the EU’s Horizon 2020 mandate, the AMI market in Europe is expected to require 150M AMI units by 2020.

LG CNS has developed its technology through experience in predominantly foreign lead industries such as BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) and ESS (Energy Storage Systems). Through this development, LG CNS has developed the world’s first city and building joint management solution known as ‘Smart Green Solution.’ In efforts to train and educate new businesses, the Korean government introduced a system for new ICT energy businesses to succeed at the New Energy Business Conference on September 4th.

LG CNS is working on positioning itself as a leader for new energy businesses by representing Korea as the leading group of global energy solutions and by successfully entering the European energy management market with this new project.

  • Smart grid is an electrical grid the uses information transfer technology to exchange power usage and billing information between power suppliers and consumers to manage the amount of power used and ensure a more efficient use of energy. Smart meters are installed with the standard OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) technology to facilitate the information exchange and provide customers with smart grid capabilities. AMI sends current power supply data in real-time through a data concentrator and a HES (Head End System) analyses the data from many AMIs to adjust billing charges to match the changing power prices.


  • Tauron is a subsidiary of one of the biggest Polish companies Tauron Polska Energia Holdings. Tauron has over 5M customers per 58,000 square meters and daily supply power over an electrical grid that expands 215,000 kilometers.

Written by LG CNS PR Center

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