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Korea’s First CCTV with 3D Video Analysis Function from LG CNS

– CCTV Got Smarter with ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ enabling Real-Time Big Data Extraction –

LG CNS launched Korea’s first CCTV cameras with a three dimensional(3D) intelligent video analysis engine called ‘Smart Vision Sensor.’

Not only does ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ perform video surveillance, but it also recognizes moving objects and measures their motion patterns in order to provide an accurate alarm service and data statistics function. This can definitely be called a much smarter CCTV.

Let us introduce ‘ Smart Vision Sensor’ used for better and smarter surveillance.

3D Video Analysis Available By 3D & Panorama Video Functions

The existing intelligent cameras used to analyze two dimensional video because they only had one lens. ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ has two lenses in order to collect three stereo dimensional and panorama videos close to 360° which make 3D video analysis available.

On top of that, it detects objects much more accurately than other intelligent cameras by measuring close-range distances and depth as well as tracing an object’s movement and understanding the current situation. This is definitely considered a remarkable improvement in CCTV technology.
‘Smart Vision Sensor’ has intelligent video data processing technology which imitates the human eye’s visual structure, as well as spatial measurement and alarm sensor functions.

The spatial measurement sensor analyses data by measuring the movement and flow of people and cars in an area caught on camera in order to provide statistical information. The user can set specific situations such as invasion detection, to use its alarm sensor which automatically notifies the user when it recognizes similar situations occurring which were set by the user.

Applying ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ to Business for Meaningful Data such as Customer Flow

Once you install ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ at your business, this can provide efficient business operation and management tactics by extracting big data from its video information. Having it installed at the door of a store or around the main passage will be especially helpful in getting information on customer flow and information about how long customers stay in certain spots. There’s no need to worry about privacy issues since the system is able to protect the customers’ privacy by masking an individual’s identity in the video.

The user can check the statistical data such as the floating population, number of visits, the proportion of return visits, its share in the floating population, movement patterns, waiting lines, and the conversion rates (when linked to POS). They can also compare this statistical data to the one from the past or from other stores.

Based on data from ‘Smart Vision Sensor,’ a store owner can manage their business more effectively by adding more staff members at areas attracting more customers as well as designing better marketing strategies in new product evaluation, product arrangement, and layout changes.


Store owner checking the real-time customer inflow data on a mobile device through ‘Smart Vision Sensor’

Applying ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ to Where CCTVs Are Needed

You can simply use your mobile devices to capture or record video from ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ installed in your store to monitor your store. LG CNS is planning to add services such as activating alarm and emergency call to make it more prepared for urgent situation. Because ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ can be interlocked with various devices and sensors, it can act as a key sensor and gateway in the IoT environment. It can be directly connected to smart phones and cloud networks regardless of distance as it has an LTE(Long Term Evolution) communication modem. With Korea’s first BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) communication module on the CCTV sensor, it’s soon going to create more added values based on its indoor and outdoor location data.

Since Smart Visions Sensor can provide accurate statistics from population inflow and movement patterns, LG CNS is planning to expand its application by establishing quantitative data analysis policies for buildings, industrial sites, and traffic management where CCTVs are needed. We look forward to seeing the endless uses of ‘Smart Vision Sensor’ in the near future.

Written by LG CNS PR Department

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