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IoT is All about Platforms Now: LG CNS’s IoT Platform

The hottest keyword in the IT market this year is IoT (Internet of Things). Unlike last year where IoT was only mentioned in IT related journals and magazines, most IT companies, governments and even national institutes are now saying we should be ready for competition in the field of IoT. It truly has become the world of IoT.

LG CNS has been working on IoT projects and platforms for a long time, and also announced their IoT Platform Strategy at Entrue World 2015 held in April. Let me introduce you to LG CNS’s IoT platform, then.

LG CNS’s IoT Platform Strategy

IT leaders have been working to secure the market with their own IoT platforms and as we see with Android and iOS, securing the platform and their place in the market can’t be stressed enough.

Because IoT platforms require an extensive set of IT skills related to both devices and services, it’s not easy to secure a platform that can successfully compete against the others. Although there are some cases of leading IT companies entering the market, they’re yet to actually draw remarkable profit there.


IoT related technology by LG CNS

In this circumstance, LG CNS has established an IoT Platform Strategy to secure the IoT platform market. We first summarized the required functions in IoT related technologies under six different categories, and then suggested a concept of an IoT platform as listed below.

Six technologies required for IoT 

  1. Gateway and edge device technologies
  2. Communication technologies for stable transmissions of massive data
  3. Big data technologies for event processing and data analytics/suggestion
  4. Platform and Enabler related technologies to provide base and converge technologies above
  5. Security technologies through certification/authorization for devices and chips
  6. UI/UX technologies to interact with users

We can see what kind of IoT platform LG CNS was striving to create, through this breakdown of requirements. What we’re trying to build is a platform which ‘stably transmits and receives massive sensor data collected by various devices, and provides intelligent services by processing and analyzing data stored in a cloud environment’. This is an end-to-end platform covering everything from devices to services.

The concept of LG CNS IoT platform


The Concept of LG CNSIoT Platform

The concept of the platform LG CNS aims to perfect is in the figure above. The first box is standard compliance, meaning a platform which complies with the IoT related global standards instead of using its own standards in order to secure the participation of third parties and compatibility with other platforms.

Next is expandability meaning the flexible expansion in order to be used not only for new projects, but also for partial or extended applications of upgraded projects with existing legacy systems.

It also provides automated and intelligent services through massive data distribution, integration, real-time event processing, statistics, and pattern analytics.

Security is another key feature including various verification, authorization, access control, identifier management, and key management for device software, hardware, and cloud security.

Lastly, its openness strengthens internal, device and open API (Application Programming Interface) for easy platform application and provides an API policy that supports diverse projects.

The LG CNS IoT Platform Architecture


Functions of the LG CNS IoT platform

The first step to securing an IoT platform which satisfies the listed six concepts is to define the functions required for such a platform. LG CNS drew 83 basic and necessary functions through an examination on various IoT standard qualifications such as IoT-A, OneM2M, and SmartM2M. The list of specific functions for each item is called LG CNS Reference Architecture.

Functions from LG CNS’s own security solution and big data solution are added to this architecture as well as the functions related to connection, in order to secure a distinguished IoT platform.

LG CNS’s IoT Platform

LG CNS’s IoT Platform based on the LG CNS Reference Architecture consists of a device platform, a service platform, and a security platform.

The platforms are divided based on their roles so that each one can be applied partially and separately for when an IoT business or client’s legacy system doesn’t require the entire system environment.


LG CNS IoT platform

Each platform’s functions are as followed.

IoT Device Platform is the platform for edge device and gateway, which standardizes data and transmits it to the service platform while controlling the device through the service platform.

IoT Service Platform provides basic IoT services by managing the data from the device. It also manages the device, data, system, and authorization, and soon will be connected to the big data platform in order to start providing intelligent services. The big data platform is a platform that analyses massive data in real time to process and utilize it.

IoT Security Platform is the platform for integrating security functions from IoT devices to clouds such as device registration, mutual verification, and key management. It can be applied flexibly according to the set security level the client requirements so that it can be applied to diverse IoT services.

Today, we learned about LG CNS’s IoT Platform Strategy and Architecture, as well as our IoT platform. Although the talk about IoT platforms may not feel so close to the client’s lives, the advancement in devices and the growing demand for new businesses using the explosive amount of data from these devices are bringing the age of IoT forward. The IoT market is showing great potential growing rapidly, together with cooperation and competition among major domestic providers, telecommunication companies, solution providers, and service providers.

As a leading IT company, LG CNS is working hard to contribute to the IoT market through its unique platform and its years of accumulated experience providing various services. We will be seeing a lot more from LG CNS in the future IoT market.

Written by Joo-Hyun Yoon, Programming Specialist, LG CNS IoT Platform Team 

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