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For a More Competitive Cloud Environment – The Present and Future of Cloud Service (4-2) –

Following the last posting, I would like to introduce you to a couple of tools from LG CNS Smart Cloud Block, the cloud environment management service, especially focusing on what they are and how they are applied.

  • TunA (Tuning Assistant): Integrated Monitoring Solution

TunA provides integrated monitoring and APM (Application Performance Management) service over the entire infrastructure. Unlike the existing APM solutions with complicated settings and configuration taking lots of time, TunA uses the agent method for easier installation.

It also uses its own storage method for server engines, so users can respond immediately to their monitoring environment in real-time with an easy simple configuration.

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  • LogHouse: Integrated Log Management Solution

As the emphasis on log management is one of the hottest IT keywords along with “cloud” and “big data”, LogHouse was developed to manage, search, and analyze an entire IT system’s logs including the existing environment.

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클라우드 4편_6

LG CNS has developed a storage method, which is the key technology for log management, based on its ownfile DB form so users don’t have to install additional software to save data. It also applied the daily compression method to massive data for more efficient storage management.

클라우드 4편_7

Cloud environments require a lot more than just buying a solution. With such recognition, LG CNS is supporting clients with their accumulated experience and a proven solution so that the operational administrator can run and manage the cloud more conveniently.

Today, we learned about the operative tools and solutions for cloud environments from LG CNS as well as their application. In the next posting, we’ll take a look at cloud computing and storage.

Written by Palsoo Kim, department chief at the Infrastructure Solution Team

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