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Nowadays, IT plays a vital role for businesses to compete and succeed. To make IT work, saving and managing your data safely is one of the prior things to consider.

LG CNS can safely protect your IT assets from preventable risks like man-made disasters as well as natural disasters that no one can foresee. For the service, LG CNS provides stable power supplies through a complete backup system as well as perfect temperature and humidity conditions.

We also think green. We have designed green data centers that will achieve a low-carbon future with environment-friendly features, such as the use of the solar power produced on its own site, the cooling technology using the outdoor air, the aerodynamic control of air flow in the computer room. Moreover, these Green IT facilities are monitored and managed through LG CNS’ Smart Green Solution (SGS).

Currently, LG CNS is running four data centers within Korea: Sang-am IT Center and Gasan Center in Seoul, Incheon Center, and Busan Global Cloud Center (hereafter Busan center). Also, outside of Korea, there are three other data centers in the U.S., Europe, and China.

Here are brief introduction to our four data centers in Korea.

Busan Global Data Center


The Busan center is located in the National Cable Lead-in Strategic point (over 90% of CLS) of Busan. With its location safe from flood risks (including tsunamis and floods), and with earthquake resistance up to 8.0 on the Richter scale, the Busan center keeps your data safe and protected from natural disasters.

Building outline

  • Construction year: 2012
  • Scale: 5 floors
  • Floor area: 32,322㎡
  • Earthquake resident design: 8.0 (Richter scale)

Sangam IT Data Center


The LG CNS Sangam IT Data Center in Seoul is an IT integration center and maintains a complete base infrastructure for customers based on accessibility and stability.

The center uses structural security and an integrated security environment specialized for the customers in the finance field, including biometric recognition systems, to ensure optimal stability. The center is also designed with specifications equivalent to nuclear power generators resistant to earthquakes of up to 8.0 on the Richter scale for maximum safety and disaster preparedness.

Building outline

  • Construction completed: 2006
  • Scale: 4 underground floors, 12 above ground floors
  • Floor area: 43,808㎡
  • Earthquake resistance: 8.0 (Richter scale)

Gasan Global Data Center


The LG CNS Gasan Data Center uses environmentally friendly green IT concepts to provide custom tailored services. The center is a facility that meets the most advanced global standards by providing a complete infrastructure for customers.

By using green IDC cooling methods and providing a diversified coolant backup system, the Center can maintain individual temperature and humidity settings for each area. By using outside air for cooling, power costs are reduced, and centralized cooling methods ensure optimum cooling efficiency.

Building outline

  • Construction commenced: 2009
  • Scale: 1 underground floor, 13 above ground floors
  • Floor area: 75,041㎡
  • Earthquake resistant design: 7.0 (Richter scale)

Incheon Data Center


The LG CNS Incheon Data Center is Korea’s first building dedicated exclusively to data processing services and was designed to leverage construction and facilities to provide services at international standards. The center is earthquake proof, and is equipped with a complete backup system for power, UPS, communications, air, and disaster preparedness facilities to provide uninterrupted data processing services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a data center that meets international standards, the Incheon Center satisfies all criteria for security for financial information networks and computing center facilities.

Building outline

  • Construction commenced: 1992
  • Scale: 1 underground floor, 3 above
  • Floor area: 14,326㎡
  • Earthquake resistant design: 7.0 (Richter scale)

For more information, please visit at LG CNS DATA CENTER Microsite http://datacenter.lgcns.com/Contents/En/Main/Index.aspx

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Written By LG CNS PR Team

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