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‘Data Art’, Telling the Story of Our Simple Daily Lives! (Part 2)

Last time we discussed some examples that helped us understand what data visualization means and what some of the related concepts are. This time we will look at what companies are doing to advance n the data visualization market.

The Data Visualization Market, the Competition has Already Begun!

Many companies have recognized that data visualization has taken off in the big data market and the competition has already got fierce. Along with SAS, global companies such as MicroStrategy, Oracle, IBM and SAP as well as Korean companies such as WISEi TECH and Saltlux are creating competition in the early stages of the market. Of these companies, SAS is the one that stands out the most. They are offering visualization solutions for government big data companies and they appear to be the leader in data visualization.


SAS Visualization Solution ‘Visual Analytics’(Source : SAS Homepage)

Also, MicroStrategy is increasing their competiveness with their dynamic multi-dimensional analysis ROLAP (Relational On-Line Analytical Processing) driven BI (Business Intelligence) platform. At the end of 2013, Oracle released a big data inquiry platform to support visualization. This platform has the ability to easily integrate the information needed for analysis. IBM is increasing competitiveness with an integrated big data inquiry and search software with acquisition of visualization specialist firm Vivisimo in May of 2012. With a foundation of innovative technology in the data search and visualization field, it is easy to access data and acquire useful information whether or not data is structured.

There are big expectations for data collection/storage in the Korean big data market. So, many Korean companies are paying attention to data visualization. The Korean company WISEi TECH has improved the usefulness of public information with their own solution for population trends and budget information. Saltlux has also announced that they will release solutions such as a big data analysis platform 2D, a social analysis platform O2, a big data collection solution Tornado and a visualization tool Rainbow for big data/analysis/application and life cycle support. In general, the interest in data visualization in Korea is still low, but there are an increasing number of examples of data visualization in Korea and there are expected to be more trends and changes in the Korean data visualization market.


Real Screen Shot from LG CNS SMART SMA

LG CNS offers a social media solution known as SMART SMA (Social Media Analytics) service. SMART SMA is an analysis engine that collects and analyses a large amount of social ‘buzz’ created by social media users. This data put into visualization graphs so it can be easily digested and the statistics are used in various different fields. This solution is a service that collects and analysis data in real-time from various text in social media. It is also being applied to advertising. For example, when selecting advertising models, comparative analysis can be done with competing companies and consumer responses can be maximized for proposal of marketing concepts that connect modeling images with products. Better consumer responses can be achieved with promotional imaging made from this service.

The Era Deeply Understanding Data

There is the expression ‘no pain, no gain’. When data is simply neatly collected on a server, it is meaningless. However, we must take action as we learned from the examples in part 1 of this series to make the overflow of data meaningful.


But first we must understand data. To understand data, we must realize it is more than just data management and we must also consider data types, analysis speeds and the scope of analysis. In order to increase the understanding of data, data must be spread for a clearer understanding. So for those who know nothing about data visualization, or never even think about it, I’m sending a message about the value of data.

We have now discussed data visualization. We have now reached a point where real big data results are being realized in various fields such as public service, medicine, manufacturing and finance. At the center of these results is data visualization. I look forward to seeing the important role data visualization will play in the future!

Written by Jongho Choi, University Reporter for LG CNS 

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