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Convenient Civil Documentation Anytime, Anywhere: ‘Civilian 24’

Korea had the honor of being ranked number at the UN electronic government evaluation in 2010 and again in 2012. In 2012, Korea was able to grab 1st place by a significant margin against advanced nations such as the U.S., the U.K. and Denmark. The international community has once again recognized the superiority of Korean electronic government technology. As Korean technology continues to receive international recognition, there continues to be an increasing number of contracts won by Korean companies for electronic government solutions and Korean electronic government technology is actively being exported. As a Korean citizen, I am very proud to hear that the Korean IT industry, which has long been strong in the hardware department, is now also excelling in the software field.

But did you know that LG CNS played a major role in Korean electronic government technology being recognized as number 1 in the world and that they have been working hard over the past 10 years to make the administration industry more efficient?

LG CNS carries out at least 60% of the electronic government industry projects in Korea. Electronic government service can be divided into 2 major categories: administrative service and public service. Today I will be discussing the public service electronic civil system known as ‘Civilian 24.’


The ‘Civilian 24’ PR Ambassadors ‘Pororo and Friends’

What is LG CNS’s ‘Civilian 24’?

The LG CNS electronic civil documentation system ‘Civilian 24’ is part of the Government 3.0 program. Government 3.0 is a program developed to better meet the needs of citizens and to increase the transparency of government through improved communication and cooperation with an open public government system. Civilian 24 allows any citizen to request, receive, issue and access required documentation through the Internet at any location 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Civilian 24 plays a major role in Government 3.0 improving openness, sharing, communication and cooperation.

civil_01 (2)

In 2013, 77% of all citizens used an electronic civil documentation system for civil document management (Source: Civilian 24)

Civilian 24 played a role in 77% of Koreans using an electronic civil documentation system for civil documentation management in 2013. Reports indicate that men and women of all ages alike are accessing the system.


Civilian 24 Service Structure (Source: Citizen 24 Homepage)

I was able to issue a copy of my national registration information to submit to my university dormitory through Citizen 24. After signing up to use the system, you can easily issue your national registration information with just a few clicks. When you think about what a hassle it was to visit your local district office, you will realize how convenient this system makes life.


Civilian 24 Application

LG CNS has expanded its electronic civil documentation systems to mobile and now provides 34 different services through mobile devices. The application can be downloaded and is available for Android and iOS.

The Superiority of Civilian 24

The LG CNS Civilian 24 has simplified the administration process and made administration services more efficient by reducing transportation costs, issuance fees and other costs to both providers and users. The speed of service has also been greatly improved. The Civilian 24 has also reduced carbon emissions by 22,000 tons by decreasing the need for transportation and the use of paper. This reduction in carbon emissions has led to LG CNS being an important factor in the current government’s Green Growth Policy and Green IT Policy. These types of results allowed Civilian 24 to reach second place in the 2011 UN public administration sector evaluation.


Citizen 24 Uses, Citizen Members, Customer Satisfaction (Source: Citizen 24 Homepage)

LG CNS’s Civilian 24 Reaching Around the World

After winning first place at the UN electronic government evaluation in 2012, the Korean government visited the Dominica Republic with the Public Administration Consulting Delegation to bring the prosperity of Korean public administration technology to Central America and South America. This type of public administration consulting is a large part of electronic government.

In the near future, I hope LG CNS’s Civilian 24 implemented in Central American and South American countries. The Korean Wave is now reaching throughout the world through the public administration field as well.


LG CNS has organized a support program that enables university students interested in IT to write news articles related to the field. This article is one that was written under the program.

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