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Analyzing the Chinese SNS with Korea’s big data technology!

-LG CNS advances into the Chinese big data market with Smart SMA, a social media analytics solution-

LG CNS (CEO Kim Dae-hoon), a leading company in Korea in big data, will advance into the Chinese social media analytics market with proven technologies.

LG CNS made inroads into the Chinese big data market with the Smart SMA[1], a social media analytics solution that LG CNS developed in 2012. It provides one-stop services for use of big data. LG CNS developed the Korean version of the Smart SMA and then Chinese and English versions.

LG CNS has duly monitored the rapid growth of big data and became the industry’s first to create a dedicated big data organization in 2011. In 2012, LG CNS released the Smart Big data Platform (SBP), Korea’s very first integrated big data solution, and SBP Appliance, an HW/SW-integrated big data analytics platform, and it took the lead in the Korean big data market.

chinese sns_0

LG CNS advanced into the Chinese big data market with the Smart SMA, a social media analytics solution. The Smart SMA is a social media analytics solution that was developed by LG CNS in 2012. It offers one-stop services for big data use.

LG CNS took particular interest in social media analytics, which has been growing at an annual rate of more than 20%, from among various sectors of big data, and developed the Smart SMA for it. Major customers of the Smart SMA include LG Electronics, Shinhan Bank, KDB Daewoo

Securities, and POSCO Research Institute. [Reference 1]

LG CNS decided to enter China first among overseas markets and will effectively leverage the social media analytics know-how that it had accumulated in the Korean market. China has a population of roughly 1.3 billion, and the number of SNS users there has been rising more than 25% every year since 2010, reaching 420 million in 2013. The market was worth CNY 5.3 billion (around KRW 870 billion) in 2013, indicating annual growth of 50%[2]. It is a social media analytics market that is garnering attention from the global community. The social media analytics market in China is in its initial stage of development, which means that only simple monitoring takes place. LG CNS, therefore, has good reason to believe that the Smart SMA will be highly in demand in the Chinese market.

chinese sns_1

LG CNS entered the Chinese big data market with the Smart SMA, a social media analytics solution. The Smart SMA is a social media analytics solution that was developed by LG CNS in 2012. It offers one-stop services for big data use. LG CNS employees are introducing the Chinese social media analytics solution in front of the Smart SMA analytics screen.

Chinese companies that adopt the Smart SMA can easily and quickly collect and analyze the massive amounts of information on social media. In addition, customized, one-stop consulting by industry is provided, enabling immediate use of analytics results for corporate work, including marketing, PR, and product development. LG CNS collects and analyzes data of social media that is specialized for the Chinese, such as Weibo, a Chinese counterpart of Twitter, as well as Sohu and QQ, which are web portals. LG CNS’s data analytics experts provide solutions that Chinese companies can effectively leverage for their work, ranging from strategy to execution planning.

LG CNS began pilot application of the Smart SMA with LG Electronics’ Chinese subsidiary in 2012 and completed onsite verification. LG CNS is now expediting its advancement into the Chinese market by collaborating with SAS China. The two companies expect to realize synergies by combining the social media analytics expertise that LG CNS has accumulated in various business areas and the local marketing competencies of SAS China.

With its entry into the Chinese market, LG CNS is also planning to further advance into the big data analytics markets of English-speaking countries, including the US, and it is preparing to begin offering services that involve deriving new insights by combining social media analytics with business district analytics and internal corporate data analytics, including sales data.

LG CNS CEO Kim Dae-hoon said, “Advanced analytics is increasingly important. It involves generating practical value by applying to industries big data, which is growing exponentially. We will concentrate on penetrating the global big data market on the occasion of our advancement into the Chinese social media analytics market, which is garnering worldwide attention.” [Reference 2]

[Reference 1] Case of application of LG CNS Smart SMA

Through the Smart SMA, which is an integrated social media analytics solution, LG CNS is aggressively developing sales opportunities with customers in various fields, including finance and manufacturing, and is ramping up speed in raising work efficiency.

Shinhan Bank built a system that discovers sales opportunities through the Smart SMA. KDB Daewoo Securities is coming up with customer communication messages that are suitable for the advertising concepts of financial products.

LG Electronics’ Marketing Department is using the smart SMA to compare competitiveness with other brands, come up with customer-appeal points for new product releases, and develop advertising concepts. The Product Planning Department is applying the analytics outcome of the Smart SMA to the actual product concept development phase.

HS Ad is using the Smart SMA to analyze keywords that people use a great deal and to identify impactful advertising campaign concepts. The POSCO Research Institute analyzes social media content that is related to the steel industry and is using the outcome to forecast industry trends and economic trends.
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[Reference 2] Big data business competencies of LG CNS

LG CNS presents a clear answer to companies that are asking themselves, ‘How are we going to build a big data system?’ LG CNS is a leader in Korea in big data. It launched a dedicated big data organization in 2011, and it is expediting the development of key big data personnel. It has around 200 professional Hadoop engineers, analytics experts, and big data consultants.

In 2012, LG CNS became Korea’s first to launch the Smart Bigdata Platform (SBP), an integrated big data solution. This yielded such benefits as a roughly 97% reduction in data storage time and a more than 70% reduction in business logic processing time. Following the release of SBP, LG CNS launched the SBP Appliance, which is Korea’s first HW/SW-integrated big data analytics platform. In effect, it unveiled a big data system that can be instantly built. LG CNS also signed an MOU for business cooperation with global companies to advance into foreign markets, including Oracle, MapR Technologies, and SAP. In 2013, LG CNS became the first Korean company to take part in Hadoop World 2013, the most influential conference in the world in the area of big data. LG CNS is, thus, actively penetrating into the global big data market.
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Written by LG CNS PR Center

[1] Social Media: This concept is a common term for online and mobile communication, including such SNS (Social Network Service) as Twitter and Facebook, blogs, and communities
SMA: Acronym for ‘Social Media Analytics’
According to Gartner, the number of global users of social media, which is a major field of big data, reached around 1.85 billion in 2014 and is growing more than 11% every year. The market is growing 20% a year and is forecast to reach USD 33.5 billion (around KRW 3.4 trillion) in 2016. [Gartner, “Forecast: Social Media Revenue, Worldwide, 2011~2016” (June 2012)]
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[2] KOTRA, “Chinese SNS Market Trends and Usage Cases” (December 2012)
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